Best P-Mount Cartridge – Top 5 Picks and Buying Advice

best p-mount cartridge

Do you know what factors can provide you with a premium level of music listening?We believe they are a Vinyl record, a turntable, and last but not least, the best P-Mount cartridge.So if you are looking for a suitable cartridge to go with your Vinyl records, keep reading our detailed review and buying advice down … Read more

Maschine Mk3 Vs Mk2 – Are They Better As Compared To Mikro Versions?

maschine mk2 vs mk3

You have yet to decide on which groove box, Maschine mk2 vs mk3.When the opportunity comes to try out Native Instruments’ newest hardware, the Maschine mk3, you are excited to experience another way of producing music.However, the limited reliable reading materials reviewing the latest product hold you off purchasing this new entry-level beatmaker.Hence, you find … Read more

Teenage Engineering OP-1 vs OP-Z

op1 vs opz

Sequencer is a must-have item for music makers.There are numerous devices in the current market that easily drive you crazy to choose one.Among branded and unbranded synthesizers and sequencers, we devote a special love to the Teenage Engineering company.Its OP-1 and OP-Z are real legendaries in the industry.In this article, we’ll provide a detailed review … Read more

Roland SP-404SX vs SP-404A – Linear Wave Samplers Comparison

sp 404sx vs sp 404a

If you loiter around a live circuit, you will encounter a music player beating on a device with a Roland brand logo.It can be a Roland SP 404A vs 404SX. Both of them can create equally awesome, mind-blowing sounds. However, they have a similar appearance with dark colors, a screen displaying red numbers, and an equal … Read more