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How Hard Is It To Learn Guitar?

Have you ever wondered how much time it took your favorite artist to become great at playing guitar? Maybe you have seen one of your favorite artists play live music and it has inspired you. Now, you wonder how hard is it to learn guitar. Or maybe, you have been struggling at learning that guitar, […]

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How To Paint An Acoustic Guitar?

There are quite a few reasons to paint your acoustic guitar. We can all live with a few minor scratches. But those nasty ones, it needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, you cannot paint just a spot. You will need to paint the whole body of your guitar! That’s quite a lot of work and maybe […]

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How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time?

Many artists and musicians make it seem like singing while playing a musical instrument is way too easy. Maybe you think that, in a band, the vocalist who also plays guitar only plays the easy part, right? Well, that’s partly true. But how about those playing fingerstyle while singing? That’s a different story! If you […]

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How To Play Guitar With Long Nails?

Will you let me describe your nails? I guess they are pretty long! Are you wondering if there’s a way on how to play guitar with long nails? Well, there is. However, let me be clear that there are times that long nails are advantageous and disadvantageous. Let’s have a look at it and talk […]

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How To Fix a Broken Guitar String?

There’s only one reason why you are here. You want to know how to fix a broken guitar string, right? Well, what can I say? I can read minds! Impressive, huh? A broken string, although it may seem like a trivial problem, will stop you from playing good music! Guitars usually have six strings. Some […]

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