How Long Does It Take To Learn Bass Guitar? Some Useful Tips For You

How Long Does It Take To Learn Bass Guitar

Learning bass guitar seems to be easier than learning other guitars due to its fewer strings. Besides, there is no chord playing needed when you learn bass guitar. But like learning any other skill, learning bass guitar also takes time and effort.On average, a person new to the bass guitar will need about 6 months … Read more

How To Tell The Difference Between Bass And Electric Guitar? Which Is Easier?

how to tell the difference between bass and electric guitar

Selecting a musical instrument to play might be a difficult task. Two instruments, for example, the bass and the electric guitar, are very similar, especially if you have seen them for the first time.So, how to tell the difference between bass and electric guitar?They’re two very different musical instruments, but they work well together. The … Read more

Why Is My Electric Guitar Shocking Me?

why is my electric guitar shocking me

In addition to the advantages that electric guitars bring to users in terms of experience, sound, and convenience, electric guitars also have an obstacle that makes users wonder when choosing to buy an electric guitar. That obstacle is shocking. So why is my electric guitar shocking me? Let’s find out the causes and solutions in this … Read more

Why Does My Guitar Sound Tinny?

why does my acoustic guitar sound tinny

Over time, your guitar may sound tinny. In fact, there are several reasons for that. In this article, we are going to shed some light on the common problem you might face that’s causing your guitar to sound tinny.After finding the cause, you can easily find a way to fix it. Let’s find a convincing … Read more

Is A Guitar Capo Necessary?

is a guitar capo necessary

The debate about the importance of capo in the guitar player community has shown no signs of stopping.The capo has a very important role for some people because this type of accessory helps them perform difficult chords and easily raises the tone while playing.However, there is still a part of players who think that capo … Read more