Pioneer DJ Controller DDJ SB3 vs DDJ 400

ddj 400 vs sb3

If you are new to the DJ world, it’s hard to determine which DJ controller is the most appropriate for you because there are many big brands out there in the market.Plus, most products don’t appear to be very distinctive from others.Among many DJ equipment manufacturers in the market, the Pioneer company is outstanding because … Read more

Best Acoustic Guitars With Low Action

best acoustic guitar with low action

As you have probably known, the action height can have a huge impact on the playability, tonality, and sound production of a guitar.That being so, it is essential that the action measurement is properly adjusted, especially with beginners’ guitars. Indeed, a false start can gradually kill off the passion one has for guitar playing while it … Read more

Yamaha F325D Review: The Best Beginner Guitar?

yamaha f325d review

The Yamaha F series has been on the market for quite some time, yet people are still crazy about them.Part of the reason is that it is one of the best beginning level guitars Yahama has ever made.In today’s article, we’re going to give you an in-depth Yamaha F325D review to see if the rumors … Read more

Arturia Minibrute vs Microbrute – Which You Should Choose?

minibrute vs microbrute

Choosing between MiniBrute vs MicroBrute is quite challenging, especially for those who just enter the music-making industry. Each model has its unique functions and style. This article will give you a detailed analysis of these products, make a clear comparison, and answer frequently asked questions about both. Check it out now!   Related postDrumbrute Impact vs DrumbruteMicrobrute vs Minibrute: … Read more

Orange Micro Dark vs Micro Terror – The Best Amplifiers For Any Guitarists!

orange micro dark vs micro terror

Are you a crazy fan of music and into the habit of playing musical instruments, namely electric guitar, and electric bass?If the answer is yes, you must be owning an amplifier, an indispensable tool, enabling musicians to show a detailed and dynamic sound. However, choosing a perfectly suitable amplifier is undeniably a challenging task.This is the … Read more