Orange Micro Dark vs Micro Terror – The Best Amplifiers For Any Guitarists!

orange micro dark vs micro terror

Are you a crazy fan of music and into the habit of playing musical instruments, namely electric guitar, and electric bass?If the answer is yes, you must be owning an amplifier, an indispensable tool, enabling musicians to show a detailed and dynamic sound. However, choosing a perfectly suitable amplifier is undeniably a challenging task.This is the … Read more

Headrush FRFR 108 Vs 112: Which Is Your Beloved Guitar Cabinet?

headrush frfr 108 vs 112

Why is Headrush FRFR 108 vs 112 often placed in comparative relation?This is quite understandable because they hold lots of common characteristics in many aspects, especially their exterior design.Given the fact that they bear much resemblance, many people find it hard to make a buying decision.Are you also wondering which one to choose?Don’t worry because … Read more