Best Envelope Filter For Bass: Listen To The Fantastic Sounds

Best Envelope Filter For Bass

The best envelope filter for bass is a great idea when you feel bored and too accustomed to playing your instruments. It is a filter that brings sound with various effects like Distortion, Overdrive, Phaser, etc., to compose various interesting, distinctive rhythms.Playing wah sound is an ideal option for astounding the audience and creating your unique … Read more

Revv G3 Vs G4 Review – Metal Beasts Of Making Hype

revv g3 vs g4

This post was updated on: Revv G3 vs G4 – which pedal is the right one for you? If this question has got you flustered for such a long time to decide, don’t worry.This written paper, we guarantee, will help eliminate all product uncertainties.So before digging into each pedal’s detailed descriptions, let’s start with some … Read more

Boss RC-505 vs RC-300: Which Is Better?

boss rc 505 vs rc 300

This post was updated on: Speaking of Boss’s looper,  it cannot be denied that this brand is a leading name with high-quality goods at economical prices.Boss RC 505 vs RC 300 are the two top products for the looping station of Boss. Yet, which one is better for you-users?As most opinions said that they both … Read more

Boss ME-70 vs ME-80 vs GT-100 Multi Effects Pedal Review !!

boss me 80 vs gt 100

From Boss, seasoned makers of quality musical instruments and accessories comes a series of multi-effects pedals designed to give the performing guitarist great, quality sound and multi-effects. These multi-effects pedals are more than stomp-boxes, and, unlike their predecessors which used transistors and resistors in producing music, they produce vintage sounds through the use of digital components. The … Read more

Boss RC-1 Vs RC-3 Vs RC-30 Vs RC-300 Loop Station Pedal Review !

boss rc1 vs rc3

Loopers are an indispensable gadget in a musical recording or performance. While it is generally associated with guitarists, loopers can be used by all cadres of musicians, performers, and artists. Since the release of the first looping station by BOSS in 2001, loopers have come and gone in all sorts of shapes and sizes and loaded … Read more