Yamaha FG800 Vs FS800: Excellent Quality Guitars By Yamaha!

I bet every musician knows about the Yamaha brand. Well, they are a hundred and thirty years in the industry, and they have proven their quality in the market. Now, if you are wondering about Yamaha FG800 vs FS800, you have come to the right place!

It’s no surprise that you are torn between the two models. They are crafted with excellence and just looking at it with the Yamaha logo, you already know that you will be getting a reliable guitar. To help you choose between them to, we will take a look at every feature and compare them side by side.

yamaha fs800 vs fg800

Yamaha FG800 vs FS800

For a better perspective, here’s what the specifications of these two guitars look like side by side.

Yamaha FG800

​Yamaha FS800

Yamaha FG800
Yamaha FS800

Total Length​

1038mm (40 7/8")

​1021mm (40 3/16")

Scale Length​

650mm (25 9/16”)​

​634mm (25”)

Body Length​

​505mm (19 7/8")

​497mm (19 9/16")

Body Width​

412mm (16 1/4")​

380mm (14 15/16")​

Body Depth​

100-118mm (3 15/16”- 4 5/8”)​

90-110mm (3 9/16”- 4 5/16”)​

















Die-cast Chrome​

Die-cast Chrome​

​Strap Buttons






Hard Case



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​Yamaha FG800 Review

FG stands for folk guitar. The FG series is one of the first steel-stringed guitars that Yamaha manufactured. The technology behind crafting this guitar has evolved since it was first made in the 60s. So, these modern guitars are more durable but have the same tone and sound quality that the first FG guitar has.

yamaha fg800

The Size and Wood

This model has a total length of about 41inches. The body dimension is 19.9 inches long, 16.25 inches wide, and has a depth of 4.625 inches. The scale length is 25.5inches with 20 frets. This model is equipped with a truss rod and comes with a hex wrench so you could fine tune the neck profile according to your style.

The top is made with solid Sitka spruce. This is the same wood that Yamaha used with their best selling FG700. They reinforced the internals with scalloped bracing that makes the guitar more durable and projects better sound. For the back, sides, and neck, Yamaha chose nato wood. The fingerboard and bridge are made with rosewood which gives you that dark and reddish natural finish.

yamaha fg800 vs yamaha fs800

The machine heads are made with die-cast chromes that withstands wear and tear. These tuners will last a lifetime with proper care. It has a strap button at the bottom for your convenience too.

Sound Quality

The dreadnought shape gives it a wide resonating board. However, this made the guitar really big. But, the sheer size adds volume to it. The harder you strum, the louder it projects sound. It still has that distinct punchy and bright sound that would make you wanna sing along!

Their masterful craftsmanship and the new scalloped bracing makes this guitar one of the best entry levels with astounding quality.


  • ​Indeed, Yamaha is a trustworthy brand that you can trust.
  • ​This model is an upgraded version of the famous FG series.
  • ​The dreadnought size projects loud music and can fill small rooms without amplification.
  • ​The scalloped bracing brings out the best tone and adds durability.
  • It comes with strap buttons.


  • ​This guitar does not have electronics.
  • ​It does not come with a hard case.

​Yamaha FS800 Review

After the FG series’ success, Yamaha saw that other musicians are looking for a slimmer and more slender guitar. FS stands for Folk Small. It’s not really that small, but it has a narrow body compared with the dreadnought style that the FG series has. Compared with the FG guitars, the FS series has a narrower lower bout.

yamaha fs800

The Size and Wood

The total length of FS800 is 40.18 inches. It’s just less than three-quarters of an inch shorter compared to FG800. The body length is less than a quarter of an inch shorter than FG800. The difference in total length and body length is barely noticeable. However, if you inspect the upper and lower bout of the guitar, you will see its difference in size.

The total width of the body is just 14.9 inches which is an inch and a quarter smaller than the previous model. The depth of the body is 4.3 inches, a little over a quarter of an inch slimmer than FG800. It also comes with a hex wrench that enables you to adjust the truss rod.

The same wood is used in this model as in FG800. The top is spruce while the backs and sides are made with nato. It has the same die-cast machine head tuners with excellent durability. The bridge and the fingerboard are made of rosewood and share the same distinct rosewood color.

difference between yamaha fg800 and fs800

The difference is FS800 has a distinct slender body shape. The depth of the body is almost the same as the former model too.

Sound Quality

For the common ear, there is no difference in the sound projection. You can also play loud with this in a small room without a problem with amplification. However, for the trained ears, you may notice that FG800 has a brighter sound because of its wider resonating board.


  • ​You can trust Yamaha with the quality of their craftsmanship.
  • ​This guitar has strap buttons equipped with it.
  • ​This model comes with a durable hard case.
  • ​This package comes with a separate digital tuner.
  • It comes with a guitar strap.
  • Great sound projection.


  • ​This guitar has no built-in electronics.

​In Summary

These two guitars are an outstanding companion. You don’t have to spend your life savings to avail one. And, guess what, with its affordable price, you get top-quality Yamaha guitar.

If you think a dreadnought guitar is too big for you, Yamaha FS800 will serve you well. The best part about the FS800 is it comes with a hard case!

yamaha fg800 vs fs800

On the other hand, if you don’t think you will get enough sound projection with the FS800, Yamaha FG800 will be the best choice you can make!

These two are made with the same types of wood materials, and the main difference is the shape of the body. The distinction between the size is quite unnoticeable. Whatever you choose, you will get a great sounding guitar.

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Yamaha FG800 vs FS800
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Adam - August 26, 2018

Thank you for your thorough review. As a beginner guitar for a teenage boy, would you recommend the FG800 or FS800?
Thanks again!

    Samuel - August 27, 2018

    Hi Adam, I will choose FG800 for beginners!


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