Electro-Harmonix Micro POG vs Nano POG Octave Pedal Review !!

Are you confused about Micro POG vs Nano POG ? Well, POG stands for polyphonic octave generator.

These are pretty advanced octave generators that let you choose if you want your signal one octave up or one octave down. Let’s Take a closer look and see the difference between the two models.

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Micro POG vs Nano POG

Theoretically, if they have the same circuitry, there should not be any difference between the two. However, listening carefully to the demo shows that the two has some minor differences.

Micro POG Review

The first POG was 5.75 x 4.75 x 2.5 inches. It was a hit, and many guitarists and bassists have immediately fallen in love with the first one.

The birth of Micro POG is a result of users wanting smaller pedals that is easy to carry around on gigs. It is substantially smaller, and about a third of the original size was deducted.

This model is 4.75 x 4 x 2.25 inches, and it consumes lesser space on your already crowded guitar effects rig. Instead of sliders, It's fitted with three knobs to tweak your audio signal.

The three knobs each control the volume of your input, the volume of the sub-octave, and the volume of your higher octave.

Output and Power Battery

It has one input and two outputs. This pedal comes with a 3/4inch effects output jack socket and a dry signal output socket.

You can do a dry/wet set up with the available outputs of this guitar pedal. The dry output delivers a clean signal to your amp in a stereo setup.

This model can be powered by a 9v battery and an external power source. It comes with a power a 9.6v DC adapter.

When you get one, all you need is plug it in, and you’re ready to go.

Sound Projection

This gear produces polyphonic sound, and you can mix your sub-octave and octave to make a thick sound.

It can simulate the sound of a 12-string electric guitar or make your 4-string bass sound like you are playing with 8 strings!

Ease of Use

Because this octave generator is housed in a smaller case, it comes with lesser parts. With fewer knobs to tweak, operating this pedal is a lot easier than the first POG with sliders.

With only three knobs to dial, learning how to use it takes less time.

Electro Harmonix Micro POG Polyphonic Octave Generator Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Polyphonic octave generator
  • Make your 6 String guitar sound like a 12 String

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  • Electro-Harmonix is 50 years in the industry and is one of the oldest manufacturers of guitar pedals in the world.
  • This effect lets you stimulate 12-string guitar or project 8-string bass sound.
  • This product comes with a power adapter and a 9v battery.
  • This guitar pedal won’t take much space on your guitar rig.


  • For experienced users, three knobs may not be enough.

Nano POG Review

After the success of Micro POG, many users still wanted a streamlined and more portable version of the POG.

Electro-Harmonix, being true to their advocacy to give musicians what they need, they miniaturized the Micro POG; it resulted in the Nano POG.

It is almost just half of the Micro POG and just about a third of the first POG. It measures at 4.3 x 2.5 x 2.25inches.

It has the same number of knobs, three, that controls the volume of your dry signal, your octave’s volume, and your dry octave’s volume.

Output and Power Battery

This is a slimmer version of the Micro POG, and it also has on input and 2 outputs for your dry and wet signal. This tiny pedal is packed with the same capability of its bigger brother.

You can also use two amps with this pedal and get stereo output.

The dry output will give you a clean signal on one amp, and the wet output will project a clean signal with the effects.

To make this pedal this small, the battery compartment was removed. This pedal has no option to be powered by a battery because it doesn’t have a battery slot.

However, it comes with 9.6v DC adapter with every purchase. You don’t have to buy a separate power adapter for this pedal.

Sound Projection

According to this interview, the Micro and Nano share the same, exact circuitry. So, technically, there should not be a difference the sound it projects.

Theoretically, you could dial an airy 12-string electric guitar sound or an 8-string bass.

However, listening to the actual output and comparing the sound quality of the two guitar effects, it seems like there is a slight difference that may not be obvious at first.

However, for trained and experienced ears, just listening to it will reveal that the Nano POG projects more precise and crisp outputs.


The three knobs with straightforward function make this guitar pedal extremely easy to use. You just have to set your mix and listen to how much volume your octave and sub-octave makes.

You can simply adjust accordingly by dialing each knob.

Electro-Harmonix Nano POG Polyphonic Octave Generator pedal
  • 3 knobs control your mix of dry sound, sub octave and octave up
  • Separate dry and effect output jacks for maximum versatility

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  • A huge name backs this guitar effect in the guitar effects industry.
  • This product can overlap an octave and a sub-octave to your dry signal simultaneously.
  • You won’t need to buy a separate power supply.
  • It takes very little space on your pedal train.
  • It’s a little more affordable than the Micro POG
  • Carefully listening to this tiny device and comparing it with the previous model shows that it projects a brighter tone.


  • You don’t have the option to operate it on battery.

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In Summary

Electro-Harmonix has done a great job with their POG. It led them to the Micro POG, the Nano, and even POG2.

Which among the Micro POG vs Nano POG is the best?

Although they share almost the same specifications, except for Nano POG’s lack of battery compartment, listening carefully reveals that Nano POG projects a clearer sound compared with the Micro POG.

This may be something that experienced users may really want to consider. Without the minor difference in output, they are basically the same pog pedal.

If you don’t have enough space on your pedal train, you may want to go for the Nano POG.

If you feel like Nano POG may be a little cramped up, and you want a backup battery power, then Micro POG is the way to go!

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