Ukulele Vs Banjo: The Differences You Need To Know

banjo vs ukulele

You have an interest in playing a stringed instrument. Therefore, you think a lot about the instrument to start.However, it is not easy to make a choice. Moreover, you will likely be confused as to where to start.Here is a piece of advice for you. You can look to a ukulele to learn because they … Read more

How To Learn Saxophone By Yourself? A 9-step Guide For Beginners

How To Learn Saxophone By Yourself

The saxophone is significantly popular among music and musical instrument lovers as it can play various music genres.From pop to classical music, you can play the saxophone to make wonderful sounds and melodies.For learning to play the saxophone, the ultimate thing is learning how to position the mouth, fingers, and whole-body appropriately.You need to learn … Read more

How Much Does A Harp Weigh? How Many Types Of Harps Are There?

how much does a harp weigh

The harp, also known by many other names such as harp, multi-course harp, switch harp, is a stringed instrument with many strings equivalent to a piano.However, have you ever wondered how much does a harp weigh? Harps are known to vary in size and weight. Overall, this is a large instrument weighing up to 29 … Read more

Lyre vs Lute: Interesting Facts & Comparison

lute vs lyre

In ancient times, lyre and lute could be found in a whole host of musical events around Europe. People who played them and performed for the aristocracy would make a lucrative career, indeed.However, many are confused between these two instruments these days because of their similar names and explanations.This article will provide you with more … Read more

How Hard Is It To Learn Accordion To Beginners? Useful Tips Included

how hard accordion

Some people desire to challenge themselves by playing a unique musical instrument. If that is your case, then accordion is also quite an interesting suggestion.Nevertheless, how hard is it to learn accordion? This is a common issue of people who take up something new.However, is learning to play the accordion truly as difficult as some … Read more