Ukulele Vs Banjo: The Differences You Need To Know

You have an interest in playing a stringed instrument. Therefore, you think a lot about the instrument to start.

However, it is not easy to make a choice. Moreover, you will likely be confused as to where to start.

Here is a piece of advice for you. You can look to a ukulele to learn because they are easy for beginners.

Then, once you understand the rules of the guitar, you can move on to the banjo to challenge yourself.

Alright, we should immediately read the content below to find out the details of Ukulele Vs Banjo as well as what is the difference between them.

Let's refer to all the interesting info below!

Banjo Vs Ukulele Overview

There are three main differences between these two types of flocks as follows:

  • Ukulele is the size of a miniature guitar Vs Banjo is around the body
  • Ukulele has only 4 main strings Vs Banjo usually has up to 5 support strings
  • Ukulele has a bright, high sound and is suitable for pop music. Banjo has a low sound and flexible variation, perfect for playing jazz or folk, country, ect.
ukulele or banjo

The Difference Between Ukulele Vs Banjo

Although both are easy-to-play stringed instruments, suitable for all ages and especially beginners, there are fundamental differences for us to choose: which one is best for you?


The origin of this flock comes from the famous Hawaiian island of the United States. Since its appearance, the love and interest in playing the ukulele have never shown any signs of slowing down.

Ukulele is rather easy to play, compact, and has few strings (about 4 strings and maybe double strings) with the main material being nylon.

Overall, the ukulele is a small plucked string instrument. The main material for making this guitar is a hardwood called koa. This wood will give it a very round and pleasant sound.


Nowadays, Ukulele has been improved with a variety of materials, mainly easy-to-find items such as goa, walnut, spruce, or mahogany.

Ukulele is small, so it is very light, easy to hold and move. Even if you play the ukulele a lot, your hand won't hurt!

We know that Ukulele has developed continuously over its history, so there are many different types with names such as Soprano, Concert, tenor, and Baritone.

The smallest is the Soprano with 330-350mm. And this is also the best choice for those who are just learning to play Ukulele for the first time.

And the way to play ukulele is more simple. "Reentrant" is the way the ukulele makes a sound. This is different from other stringed guitars like guitars where the strings are not pointed upwards.

It is this change that gives the Ukulele a low-G combination with a, particularly captivating sound. And this is also the highlight of this little guitar.

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Not too different from its brothers, the Banjo is also a very versatile instrument that includes many different models and tunings.

To tune the Banjo you need to use a digital Banjo tuner, but there are also free tuners you can freely use online.


However, the first difference with Banjo is that they have 4 more strings than the Ukulele. In particular, the 5-wire type is the most popular, and many people think it is the easiest to use.

Because the string 5-wire Banjo is very easy to tune right the first time.

In general, a typical Banjo will have 4 short strings and 1 long string and is about 85cm long. On the top of the guitar, there is a layer of skin covering the shield for the instrument to look like a drum.

Because of this design, when the strings vibrate, the sound will resonate with the air for a higher sound.

Besides, you also need to know that the Banjo also has a grip to assist you when playing with your hands is too difficult. This grip works to support you when the strings are too hard or too soft.

The reason is that when the sound you want to make is bass or treble, loud or low, you need to change the stiffness of the strings and the distance between them.

However, for the most part, the distance between the wires is not too great.

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Ukulele Vs Banjo: Which Is Easy To Learn For Beginners

If we compare the strings, it seems that the ukulele is more simple for us to choose. However, in reality, what determines which guitar is easier to play depends on whether you know through music theory and guitar.

Which guitar are you looking for banjo and ukulele

If you know how to play the guitar before, playing the Banjo is easy and the two are very similar. Besides, the manual will also assist you in how to play Banjo easily.

However, not playing Ukulele is not easy. If you are a first-time string player and especially young children, the ukulele is the best choice.

Once you play the guitar, you have a good understanding of the principles of music theory. It is easier for you to play the ukulele to understand the music mechanism.

Because both of these chords are identical even though the position of the strings may be different.

Then now you can proceed to play for the first time.

Do Banjo And Ukulele Have The Same Chords?

No, each type has certain unique characteristics. Only the banjo-ukulele is similar in design and has the same tune as the official ukulele.

Is Banjo Cheaper Than Ukulele?

The answer is no. As we known that Banjo is a bit more expensive than its competition and fluctuates in the price range of about 150 dollars.

This cost can be quite expensive for those who are just learning to play the string for the first time.

But that amount of money is well worth it for you to choose for yourself a guitar capable of producing interesting chords and characteristic bass sound.

On the contrary, if you want to spend a small amount of money but can still own an interesting instrument, the Ukulele is a perfect choice.

The price for owning this guitar is around 50 dollars, but the quality and value of the guitar are still okay and great, right?


Thus, understanding the difference between Banjo Vs Ukulele is very important for you to decide which instrument to play. If you are a beginner, the ukulele can be a good choice because it is easy to play and has a high-pitched sound.

But if you already know music theory, it doesn't matter which instrument you play. Now, the banjo can bring you much more with interesting variations.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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