Best Distortion/Overdrive Pedals For Tube Amp!

best distortion pedals for tube amp

Before the birth of modern music, instruments were played in its raw and clean nature, and it sounded great. As the years go by, people became bored and wanted something loud. They decided to crank up the volume of their amplifiers and to their shock, it was a warm and dirty distorted sound. Everyone was astonished, and modern … Read more

Best Multi Effects Pedals Under $200

best multi effects pedals under $200

In the past, multi-effects pedals were unheard of, much less the best multi-effects pedal under $200. Guitarists used to have pedalboards joined by many single effect units.And thanks to technology’s advance, the multi-effects pedal is now a must-have item, as it is convenient and able to work as a whole pedalboard.There are many multi-effects units … Read more

Top 5 Best Guitar Pedals Reviews

How To Choose The Best Guitar Pedals

Stompbox, guitar effects, effects pedal, guitar pedal, gear, rig… call it whatever you want, it all pertains to the same thing – these are all signal altering devices that change musical color in many different aspects.If you are looking for the guitar pedal that will suit your needs, you will surely be overwhelmed with the … Read more

The 3 Essential Guitar Pedals To Make Your Music Sound Like A Pro !!

Essential Guitar Pedals

A live performance quite an incredible experience both for the musician and the audience. You get to tap your toe and bang your head to the beat while enjoying great music. The thing is, for aspiring musicians who are trying to decipher how their music works, this experience can be quite overwhelming and frustrating at the same … Read more

Compressor Pedal: What It Does To Your Music?

What Does A Compressor Pedal Do?

Playing with a band in a live performance is not as easy as Rock stars make it look like. Yes, I know you too have encountered problems on stage, especially on your mix. When you already have a decent selection of stompbox in front of you, controlling and mixing the volume becomes more crucial. If you are not … Read more