Best Multi Effects Pedals Under $200 (2018 UPDATE)

A lot of people, if not everyone, would love to get the most out of their expenditures. This is true for most musicians, especially those who have just started their hobby or career. If you are looking for the best multi effects pedal under 200 dollars, it can be quite tricky. But nevertheless, there are gadgets out there with great value. That’s why we are here, right?

What You Want

If asked, of course, we would love to have the best of them all, right? But the economy won’t permit us to do so. That’s why we will carefully study things before you decide which to buy. For a 200-dollar budget, I believe we can go a long way.

First Things First

Multi-effects are a great gear to have since you can have literally multiple effects availed in one unit. Analogue pedals can easily cost you a hundred a piece and that does not include batteries or peripheral power adapters yet. Eventually, you would have to buy a lot them.

best guitar multi effects pedal under $200

Each pedal needs to be chained to another with a patch cable. Now that you have a lot of them, you will stop relying on batteries and buy a power brick to power all your effects at once. To cut the story short, sticking to analog pedals can be a lot costly than having a multi-effect. This can be quite discouraging for beginners who are not sure what to buy yet.

One more thing, aside from having a huge number of programmable effects, some units are also packed with amp simulator. This gives you the option to leave your amp at home and directly plug your rig over the PA system.

The Best Multi Effects Pedal Under 200 Dollars

Let’s look at the following three effects that could be deemed as the best multi effects pedal under 200 dollars in my opinion.


best multi effects pedal under 200 of all time

Dreamscape is an analog multi-effect pedal that modulates the signal producing 6 different effects. It is well-built, compact and sturdy. It features a mono in/out and a stereo in/out. Perfectly fits in the bag with a little weight and easily portable.

It has a tone print, a signature feature of TC Electronics that lets you upload or download presets from the internet that can be readily used.

best multi effects pedal under 200 in the market

Zoom packed MS-70CDR with a 31 types chorus effects and other modulation effects. You can choose from 26 different delays and 25 various reverbs. It’s a huge selection for such a small piece of gadget.

The other great thing about zoom’s MS 70 is the capability to up to 6 effects at once. You can link a chorus, a delay, reverb and more all at once. This eliminates the need to buy a separate unit for each. It also has a chromatic tuner built-in.

It has three dials that also has a button function for selection and different controls. It has a small LCD monitor that displays the setting of each parameter. It runs on 2 AA batteries and can also run on an external power source for longer playing time. It’s just the size of brick, but lighter, and can easily fit your gig bag.

best multi effects pedal for under 200

Boss ME25 Multi-Effect Pedal is not for the faint of heart. It is a digital effects processor that has three stomps and a pedal to give you more control over which setting you choose. This pedal doubles as a volume control or a wah depending you your settings.

The amazing thing is, compared with the Zoom MS-70CDR, you can easily control three effects individually with a footswitch. With the addition of looper, you can spice things up during live performances and solo gigs.

#Sound Quality

top rated multi effects pedal under 200

The overall sound quality of the TC Electronic Dreamscape is excellent. For a few decades now, TC Electronics have set the bar high for modulation effects. This one is a steal for a 6 in 1 effect! If you master the mix of this effect, you can even get uniquely different sound from it!

good multi effects pedal under 200

With the sheer number of effects to choose from and up to 6 simultaneous activated effects, you will always find something great.

Chorus, Delay, and Reverb have been famously used over and over again by various musicians of all time. There is no denying that this combination is a great match for exhilarating solos. The reverb gives that subtle bounce-on-the-wall-like sound that makes the sound fuller.

best guitar multi effects pedal for under 200

Boss ME25 packs great sounds. The sound library is complete with modulations, filter, distortions, overdrives and dynamics. All the essentials are there. With its composite objective sound modeling technology, or simply, amp simulator, you can quickly scroll over a different model of amplifiers.

With or without an amplifier, you can produce a lot of fantastic tones with this effect.

#Best Use

best multi effects pedal under 200 for beginner

Modulations, in general, are decent effects by themselves. Their real potential, however, comes out in combination with overdrives and distortions. This is true especially for rock, heavy metal, and other similar genres. The jet-like effect of flanger will tear the roof in combination with some overdrive especially.

This analog pedal is an excellent choice to be added to your rig. It will never fail you in a live performance. Too bad it only has one footswitch and no scroll for the other effects. But all in all, this will have a definite space on your performance rig.

top multi effects pedal under 200

This effect can be quite troublesome for live performances since you can’t scroll and mix your effects readily. The number of knobs you can manipulate is just too limited for its function. Nevertheless, it is still worthy to have on your rig.

However, MS-70CDR proves an excellent companion when recording. This effect gives you a static free signal you can send to your digital audio workstation. You won’t be needing to hook up as many effects in your chain. The less number of effects hooked up during your recording means you get a better signal. The lesser channels your signal goes through, the cleaner your recording will be.

Boss ME25 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

For the greatest value among the three products, I think this is the best multi effects pedal under 200 dollars. The number of effects to choose from just makes it all worthy. You will lighten your bag during your gigs with this. It eliminates the need to hook up multiple effects since you can process them simultaneously.

best multi effect guitar pedal under 200

An excellent choice to bring on live performances. With its amp simulator, you can even leave your amplifier at home and hook it up directly to the available sound system.

You can also take on solo gigs and benefit from the looper to accompany you on your song. Just imagine the things you could do with this unit!

Recording over your digital audio workstation comes easy with this. Just hook it up to your PC and you will have a clear processed signal on your computer. Same as with the Zoom MS-70CDR, the fewer electronics you hook up, the lesser the unnecessary noise you get. You will get a clean recording.

In Summary

All the three effects pedal listed above are an excellent choice and are less expensive than most. You get more out of your buck because you get multiple effects with just one unit.

All three are a great selection for me. In fact, if not out of practicality, they are all good to have. But for under 200 dollars, Boss ME25 has the edge among the three. Be it live in a band, solo, or recording, Boss ME25 can serve you well.

Best Multi Effects Pedals Under $200 (2018 UPDATE)
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