Yamaha THR5 vs THR10 – A Straightforward Comparison

This post was updated on: November 28th 2023

When it comes to the best Yamaha amplifiers, we can not forget to mention the "battle" between Yamaha THR5 vs THR10.

These two models both have their strengths and weaknesses compared to the other.

This article will compare the two latest niche amplifiers - Yamaha THR10 vs THR5 in terms of their similarities and differences.

Let's get into it.

Yamaha THR5 Vs THR10 - The Similarities

First of all, let's see what THR5 and THR10 have in common.

The two amplifiers both come from Yamaha - the most renowned brand for musical instruments on the market.

However, the most visible similarity that THR5 and THR10 share is their color.

Both THR5 and THR10 models come with a light yellow color, allowing the amplifiers to blend in many settings.

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Furthermore, both Yamaha THR5 and THR10 models apply a newly developed amp innovation - Virtual Circuitry Technology of Yamaha.

With this novel advancement, THR10 and THR5 give the users access to a whole new world of guitar amp sounds with greater realism.

Lastly, these two machines can connect with other devices via PHONES (Standard Stereo Phone Jack), INPUT (Standard Monaural Phone Jack), AUX (Stereo Mini Jack), DC IN, and USB 2.0.

As a result, you can easily adapt the amplifiers to other devices for convenient file transmission.

yamaha thr10 vs thr5

Yamaha THR10 Vs THR5 - The Differences

Now comes the differences between THR10 vs THR5. The most notable point that makes THR5 differ from THR10 is its smaller size.

Overall, THR5 is a more compact amplifier - explaining why it is lighter than the THR10 model. So, Yamaha calls THR5 the little brother of THR10.

The second difference between THR5 vs THR10 lies in their specifications.

In this big area, THR10 shows its superiority over his little brother regarding the built-in amplifier simulations. In other words, THR10 is equipped with more features, making it more versatile and more powerful than its brother.

Finally, the price between THR5 vs THR10 is not similar. Yamaha THR10 model often comes with a higher price as it delivers more features compared to THR5.

Yamaha THR5 Overview

Now is time to dig deeper into the Yamaha THR5 model. In this section, we will run through its design, its features, and its price.


First of all, in the design of THR5, we have to mention its dimensions.

With 271mm length, 167mm width, and 120 mm height, THR5 is on the list of Yamaha's most humble amplifiers.

Moreover, the color of THR5 is gentle and easy to "co-mingle" with other musical instruments of distinct colors to create a united set.

Lastly, it comes with an unbelievably lightweight feature.

The machine only weighs 2 kgs, making it so portable for those who have to travel around without worrying too much about the heaviness.


thr5 vs thr10 

To begin with, some main controllers and switches in the THR5 model differ from the THR10 model.

They are amp, gain, master, tone, effect, delay/reverb, volume, tap, or tuner switch.

Yamaha THR5 supports five main amp types: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit Hi, Modern.

Specifically, while clean provides rich, pure tones with the gentle division for amazing jazz, country, and blues sounds, Crunch offers low-powered, class-A tube sounds with clear and dynamic power amp distortion features.

Lead gives rich, controllable distortion with good midrange clarity.

Brit-Hi allows you to change the quality of the sound to the serious amp mode.

And modern tone can generate smooth and driving distortion.

Moreover, the built-in effects of Yamaha THR5 are various-ranging from the chorus, flanger, tremolo, phaser, delay, delay/reverb, spring reverb, hall reverb.

And because of this, the guitarist can limitlessly create their work with diversified effects.

Finally, the power source of this product can come from the power adapter or the battery.

In terms of AC adapter, this model goes with EADP-38EB A or UIB345-1530.

There are two options in case the battery is used: AA alkaline batteries or nickel hydride batteries.

Both of the two types of batteries come in a set of eight.

Yamaha THR5 10-Watt Desktop Guitar Combo Amp
  • Includes five classic amp models and a range of effects processing, driven by Yamaha"s signature VCM technology
  • Lightweight, portable amp that can run on AC power or batteries.

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  • Good tone at low volume
  • Powerful and flexible
  • Very well on battery power
  • Easy to use


  • Some residual noise when stopping playing

Who Should Buy THR5?

This model is a perfect choice for those who have to move around frequently thanks to its compact dimensions and lightweight. Furthermore,  those with the basic need for the amp types should go for THR5 at a lower price compared to THR10, which we will discover right away.

Yamaha THR10 Overview

UPDATE: THR10 may be currently out of stock. You can refer to this newer product.

Yamaha THR10II Desktop Amp , 10W
  • Realistic tube-amp tones and feel plus essential effects
  • 15 Guitar amps, 3 bass amps, 3 mic models for acoustic-electrics, and flat modes for everything else

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We will learn about Yamaha THR10 in the same ways as we did in Yamaha THR5. Let's kick in.


With the length of 360mm, the width of 183.5mm, and the height of 140mm, THR10 has a larger look than its sibling - THR5.

Because of this size, Yamaha THR10 comes with roughly 3 kgs- 1 kg heavier than THR5.


Besides the five main amp types: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit Hi, Modern, Yamaha THR10 does support additional amp types.

They are Bass, Acho, and Flat. This difference marks the superiority of THR10 over THR5.

thr10 vs thr5

As discovered in the THR5 section, we will not mention the previous 5 amp types anymore. So, let's give the stage for Bass, Acho, and Flat.

Talking of Bass, this amp type delivers dynamic and powerful bass tones. In terms of Acho tone, the device offers simulations for authentic, natural, and clear sounds.

In the Flat mode, the sound effects are clean, clear, and smooth.

Regarding switches and controllers, this machine can puzzle you a little bit- costing you more time to familiarize yourself with the controls.

THR10 contains gain, master, amp, middle, treble, bass, effect, delay/reverb, guitar output, USB/aux output, five-user memory switch, tap/tuner switch.

The THR10 model, as equipped with five memory savers, can save more than five sets of amp settings of the controllers and the switches from prompt recall (gain, master, treble, bass, effect middle, delay/reverb).

The power source of THR10 is the same as THR5.

The device can function within 6 hours with alkaline batteries, while a 7-hour operation can be from the nickel-hydride batteries.

However, the length of using time also depends on usage and condition.


  • A lot of variabilities
  • Great sound effects
  • Awesome touch sensitivity
  • Excellent stereo spread


  • Difficult-to-read instruction

Who Should Buy THR10?

Yamaha THR10 is suitable for those who want to play in different tones, not just Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit Hi, and Modern.

Moreover, those who expect better, more powerful sounds can count on THR10. Not to say, THR10 comes with different styles, such as boutique and high gain. So you will have more choices for your preferences.

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Yamaha THR5 vsTHR10 - Which is Better?

We are sure that in this section, you already have your answer to this question.

Of course, Yamaha designs and creates THR10 with more features and benefits than THR5, proving that THR10 has something special that THR5 does not possess.

However, this does not mean that THR5 performance is underrated.

THR5 is also suitable for newbies or those who do not care much about the professionals' extra features.

Thereupon, depending on what types of your usage rate, your level, your demand, and your budget, each one has its edge over the other.

Some Other Outstanding Models


How To Connect Other Devices To THR5?

To connect Yamaha THR5 to other devices, such as headphones, computers, guitar, or phone, follow the guidance below.

To make a connection between your guitar and your amp, find the INPUT and plug the guitar cable in it. How about the headphones?

Easy peasy, locate PHONES on the surface of THR5 and plug the headphones cable in it.

Speaking of the connection between THR5 to the computer or phone, you have two ways to do that.

The first way is that you can find the USB Jack on the THR5. Then, using the USB supplied to link the devices.

Another way is to use the AUX jack, which is above the PHONES.

How To Install Software For THR5?

To do this, you can pay a visit to the Yamaha Download Website to get the latest version of the software you want to download.

Remember that you have to check the operating requirements to ensure that it can function properly after downloading the software.

Moreover, to help you download the software for THR5 easily, Yamaha has published the updated THR's manual or the help guide, which can be found on Yamaha's official website.

In these files, you can access all the information about each of the THR model's installation.

How To Restore THR10 To Factory Settings?

To reset user memory to the factory setting, you need to switch on the amp's power while holding down the three switches 1, 3, and 5.

In A Nutshell

We have just run through the main similarities and differences between Yamaha THR5 vs THR10.

Overall, THR5 is cheaper, less featured than THR10, which can deliver better, driving sounds with high versatility.

Hopefully, you have taken some useful information about this topic.

Thanks for reading!

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