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Hi, thanks for visiting our blog. My name's Samuel T.Cummins. I love music so much and I've been playing guitar for 7 years. Blogging is my hobby and I'm happy so much to share my knowledge with everyone.

How To Cut Guitar Strings: The Right Way!

Replacing your guitar strings regularly makes sure that your tone will always be at its best. When you meticulously maintain your guitar strings, it would not wear as easily and would save you from accidentally breaking it in front of an audience! To make sure that your strings are well maintained, it’s vital that you […]

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Yamaha FG830 Review: Why Musicians Fall In Love With It?

Have you ever wondered what kind of guitar or what brand of instrument your favorite artist plays? Well, I bet you did wonder about it! I, myself, have often wondered how they sound good on stage and recording! And you know what? Those guitars often come expensive, right? I’m glad you decided to read about this […]

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Yamaha JR1 vs JR2: Which One Is The Best For You?

Guitars are one of the most popular and most portable musical instrument that many people enjoy playing. However, with Yamaha JR1 vs JR2, you might wonder if your guitar is portable enough. Standard size is portable enough. But dreadnoughts and concert-size guitars are not handy! They take much space in your car, and they are […]

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Boss CH-1 Vs CE-5: The Best Chorus You Want For Your Rig!

What’s good music made of? It’s made with the right mix of talent and the right guitar effects. What do you think Boss CH1 vs CE5 would do to your music? Surely your music would shine! Certainly, mainstream music has been greatly improved by these little boxes. Since the 60s, these devices have been popping out, […]

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