Arturia Drumbrute vs Impact – Which is Better?

Since the day the Arturia DrumBrute and Arturia DrumBrute Impact are out on the market, music lovers have been talking about them nonstop.

Two machines with outstanding features can cause you big trouble in choosing the winner.

Drumbrute vs Impact?

Who is the champ? Here, we give you a thorough review of these two top-runners. We hope it will help!

Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine, Black
Arturia DrumBrute Impact Analog Drum Machine
Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine, Black
Arturia DrumBrute Impact Analog Drum Machine
17 pure analog drum sounds
10 pure analog sounds
64 patterns
64 patterns
Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine, Black
Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine, Black
17 pure analog drum sounds
64 patterns
Arturia DrumBrute Impact Analog Drum Machine
Arturia DrumBrute Impact Analog Drum Machine
10 pure analog sounds
64 patterns

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Drumbrute Vs Impact - An Ultimate Review Of The Two Top-sellers


The drumbrute is an all-in-one digital instrument with an in-depth sound for you to create a complete mixtape.

they offers a punchy drum sound with innovative 64 pattern sequencing.

The tool also gives you considerable control over the way you want the tunes to be mixed.

thus, let all the creativity fly high.

It will add some explosive factors to your beat production and make sure that you will meet all your expectations about an original mixtape.

The Impact is basically a drumbrute with a few adjustments, but it still operates the same way as its original machine.


Although the drumbrute and Impact shares a lot of resemblances, they are still different in terms of how they sound, how the workflow changes, and other fundamental features.

The drumbrute is equipped with a resonant filter, while there is a distortion unit coming with the Impact.

Another noticeable feature is that while there are only ten instruments on the Impact, there are seven more on the original drumbrute.

It means that the drumbrute can offer a more variety of musical sounds for the production.

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The Drumbrute Overview


The French producer offers us an analog drum machine with innovative features that help you create the most lively mixtape.

this model storage can be up to 64 patterns. It means that you can save 64 steps with a distinctive accent and sound to create the best looping effect.

You can also combine them together for a longer chain for convenient use in the future.

The onboard memory space is available for 16 songs which you can collect from anywhere in its memory bank.

Another noticeable pro is that the Drumbrute features 12 tracks with 17 percussion and punchy sounds.

Each track comes with a velocity-sensitive pad for combining sounds and rotary knobs for sonic adjustment.

There are 16 rubber buttons as well, letting the patterns to be step-sequenced and mixed according to your preferences.

You can do the work both separately, and at the same time the mix is running.

Looking at the set, you can see a synth perc sound, tambourine, cymbal, low/high tom, open/closed hat, rim, snare, two kick engines respectively.

There are also multiple sync options such as Internal, USB, etc.


In terms of sound quality, it is quite gritty, low pitched, and punchy which would be a better fit for edgy mixers.

drumbrute vs drumbrute impact

The reverse cymbal is great if you want to add a little bit of groove effect and create drum loops.

However, the snare and clap is not quite a selling point in the set.

They both lack some fundamental factors to bring out the best results.

Whereas the clap is already drawn-out when it reaches a decent pitch, the snare is incompetent in offering sculpting options.

When comparing the Arturia drumbrute Impact vs drumbrute, the original device seems to get ahead regarding the organized settings.

The drumbrute parameters are really easy to see, update, and access.

Therefore, you can keep yourself informed every once in a while to adjust all the tracks synchronously.

The device is considered as user-friendly as all the pads, rotary buttons, and ports are clearly labeled.

Although the settings are complicated, the design and organization are still self-explanatory considerably.

Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine, Black
48 Reviews
Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine, Black
  • Wide-range of controls allowing for many new and unique sounds Two flavors of kick drum Unique analog Reverse Cymbal 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each Separate accent per drum Step Repeat for creating looping glitch effects Song mode for chaining patterns Swing and randomizer can be global or per instrument Pattern looper for beat repeat functions Steiner Parker output filter with bypass (high pass & low pass) Multiple sync options (Internal, USB, MIDI, Clo

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  • Offer various powerful pattern
  • Spacious track storage
  • Self-explanatory design


  • Sub-par snare and clap quality

Who Should Choose Drumbrute?

The Drumbrute can be played solely without any supporting mixer device. So if you are seeking one to help you with most of the work, the Drumbrute is definitely a fit. 17 core tracks seem to be quite little for you, but when you get down to it, you will see how amazing this analog drum machine can do. For tone tweakers who are crazy about knobs, the Drumbrute will satisfy you thoroughly. The sound-shaping capabilities are exceptional. You can find both classic tracks and new modern tracks that you have never known.

The Impact Overview

The Ins And Outs

Taking the first look at the Impact, it is a smaller and cheaper version of its original Drumbrute.

The Impact is an analog drum mixer of the Drumbrute which means that it operates based on creating music from a physical synth circuit but not programmed samples.

The Impact has two main audio outputs and four individual ones for a particular purpose such as kick, hats, or snares.

There are also supporting jacks and ports for USB and MIDI connections.

Moreover, the Impact offers great access to support the MIDI in and out.

Therefore, you can connect it with the MIDI or sequence it with another mixer or digital program on your computer (Through an internal connector).

drumbrute impact vs drumbrute


Although the Impact has fewer instruments than the Drumbrute, it still offers adequate control parameters and optional colors as well as accent options.

The color can make a big change to the final results.

With each color, the complete mixtape gives a different vibe and definitely will transfer a particular message.

To be more specific, there are 64 patterns overall divided into four separate sections.

In each pattern, you can freely experience up to 64 steps.

You will see 16 steps at a time, and there are four groups overall.

So the total number is 64 available steps that help bring your tunes beyond vibrant, lively songs.

Arturia DrumBrute Impact Analog Drum Machine
30 Reviews
Arturia DrumBrute Impact Analog Drum Machine
  • Analog Drum Machine with 10 Drum Sounds
  • 64-step Pattern Sequencing
  • Disttion Effect
  • Song Mode

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  • Create music through physical synth circuit
  • Various ports
  • Adequate pattern for you to use


  • Lack of recording motion control

Who Should Choose Impact?

The Impact as a smaller version of the Drumbrute with a lower price, the variety of sound production capabilities might be not as great as its older brother. However, it still completes its job pretty well when combining some synths and mixers. The Impact is also optimized to connect with other supporting mixers so that you can use it as a combination of machines so that you can bring new colors to the OG.


How Do You Connect The Drumbrute In Ableton?

First, you have to start the Drumbrute and Launch Live, then click Live’s Preferences and find the Link MIDI file.

Next, you click on the MIDI In port on the audio interface and turn on sync while still deactivating Track and Remote.

Finally, you turn on the Remote features on the Drumbrute, and you can gain access with the sync from the Drumbrute in Ableton.

Can I Use Drumbute With An Amp?

You can totally wire up the Drumbrute to an amp with one simple step.

The mono main mix out is the tool you need to find this time. It is a common instrument cable that enables you to connect any music device such as a mixer, a guitar amp, etc.

Do I Need To Connect Drumbrute With My Computer?

The Drumbrute works as a sole analog drum machine, so it is not necessary to hook it up with the computer.

You can connect the device with a set of headphones or a volumed speaker for the best experience.

However, you can choose to mix it online through the computer for best results.

After all, there is no limit for creation!

The Bottom Line

The Drumbrute and Impact has always been among the most handy assistance to DJ mixers.

Each machine with special features will benefit you in different ways, thus broaden the whole creative music horizon!

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