Why Is My Electric Guitar Shocking Me?

In addition to the advantages that electric guitars bring to users in terms of experience, sound, and convenience, electric guitars also have an obstacle that makes users wonder when choosing to buy an electric guitar.

That obstacle is shocking. So why is my electric guitar shocking me? Let's find out the causes and solutions in this article!

Can an electric guitar shock you

Let's find out the cause of electric guitar shocks!

What are the main causes that an electric guitar causes electric shocks?

The main cause of electric guitar shocks is a bad amp grounding amplifier. The second cause that you need to care about and can completely control is to limit the strong impact that can happen to your electric guitar.

The bad amp grounding amplifier

There are many stories surrounding the main cause of the amp's bad grounding. So under any circumstances, always use a three-prong grounding plug.

Another thing you also need to do before connecting power is to always use an outlet tester before plugging the amp into any outlet at a gig.

And never use a three-prong to the Many artists have a two-prong converter. Ideally, you should always carry a 3-prong power outlet with you to ensure your safety!

In the 1970s, with 220V current, the British used red for electrical wires. The Germans use red for the ground wire.

When British artists performed in Germany they were not aware of this and they were not able to return to England after performing in Germany.

Before the fatal accidents, most American guitar amplifiers used to have 2-prong strings. It is connected to a non-polarized 2-prong plug so you will have a hard time distinguishing which side is neutral.

And because it is impossible to distinguish which side is the neutral wire, it is difficult for you to properly connect the power and microphone.

And that's how serious accidents happen. So people have produced electric guitar models with 3 prongs to ensure your safety.

Are electric guitars dangerous

Tuning knobs on electric guitars

Strong impacts damage your electric guitar

And of course, with the second cause being strong bumps during your use of the guitar. All electric guitars have knobs on the body of the guitar to help you adjust the tone, tone, and more.

So when the impact occurs, it can lead to significant power failures. electricity.

Keep yourself and your electric guitar safe by owning a guitar case on the go! And always thoroughly inspect your guitar for any accidental damage before using it.

What can I do to prevent guitar electric shock?

Experienced people share that you should always use a 3-prong socket. In addition, to avoid possible problems when performing, you can use a rubber pad and stand on it during the performance.

Use a 3-prong outlet

As we shared above, the grounding fault of the power supply is the main cause of electric guitar shock. Always use a 3-prong outlet for power safety.

Also, check for suitable soil wherever you are playing. If you find a faulty power supply from an outlet, put your safety first by suspending the use of electric guitars.

If you think there might be a problem with the plug, download the extension and use it.

With today's modern digital wireless systems you can also use them for your safety. It's pretty cheap that you can own it.

Use rubber footpads

However, after trying everything with the power supply and outlet, you continue to be in shock and do not want to consult an electrician.

Now try using rubber footpads. Put your feet on the rubber mat as you play, until you've finished the performance with the electric guitar and don't need it anymore. This rubber mat will save your life.

How many types of electric shocks are there from an electric guitar?

There are two types of electric shock that you can experience when using an electric guitar. The first type is an electrostatic shock.

The second type is shock caused by an alternating voltage on the body. Along with that are two possible crash situations and of course you will have to find a workaround for those different situations.

How do you prevent electric guitar shocks

Always love and carefully inspect your electric guitar before using it

Shock by static electricity

The first type of shock is caused by static electricity – this type of shock occurs when you use a charger to keep a high static voltage, then discharge an electric current when it comes into contact with something grounded.

This mechanism of action will cause an instant shock and hurt you for a short while but will still be dangerous.

Shock by an alternating voltage across the body

The second type of shock is caused by an alternating voltage across the body. As we have specifically described in the article.

It usually starts from the power source, then will produce a constant sharp pain and more dangerous it can be fatal.

What should I do after being shocked by an electric guitar?

The first thing you need to do when you find out that someone is shocked by an electric guitar is to disconnect it from the power source, then deal with the usual incident like getting an electric shock.

Disconnect from the power supply

How this works will depend on the severity of the electric shock you are experiencing.

If it's just a slight shock and you can use your strength to get out of the guitar, then disconnect the guitar from the power source.

In more serious cases, someone needs to disconnect the power first, then remove the guitar from your body, and then resolve the problem.

Resolve problem

Now act like someone gets an electric shock. Be sure to disconnect the power to the guitar first.

Then cool the shocked person's body with cold water or any other liquid to draw out the current electricity in the body. Now take them to the nearest medical facility.

We hope that what we have just shared about “why is my electric guitar shocking me” has helped you to become more aware of electric guitars.

Please always be careful when using electric guitars and remember the tips we have shared! Hope you have a great show and stay safe!

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