Roland FP-10 Vs FP-30: Which Is The Better Digital Piano?

The brand Roland is at the forefront of digital piano technology.

The manufacturer has successfully developed its impressive FP range, which covers the beginning level to the professional.

The Roland FP10 has been known for its greatest compactness.

Whether or not there is another digital piano from the same brand more superior to this one?

The Roland FP10 vs FP30 competition is probably the most awaited battle!

Follow us and discover which is the final winner?

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Roland FP10 Vs FP30 - The Similarities

As Roland FP10 and FP30 are manufactured from the same brand, they feature a lot in common.

In order to know why the range satisfies users so much, let’s walk with us through this section!

First of all, let’s spend some time talking about one of the proudest innovations of the brand Roland, the PHA-4 Standard Keyboard.

This technology allows any piano players to have an authentic and responsive feeling.

Besides, these two digital pianos feature the same SuperNatural sound engine.

This powerful onboard sound system is equipped with a brand new keyboard that possesses the touch and ivory feel, just like that of acoustic pianos.

roland fp10 vs fp 30

Other shared specs to be mentioned should be 88 keys, dual-mode, W4.0, and MIDI compatibility.

These outstanding features play an important role in consolidating their place in users’ hearts.

Roland FP10 Vs FP30 - The Differences

Many specs shared between the FP10 and FP30 can probably confuse you when deciding which piano is the best.

And therefore, knowing their differences is essential! Let’s check out these specific points mentioned below!

As you may know, for a digital piano, its polyphony is an important standard to consider before making the purchase.

In particular, the polyphony is the number of voices that can be played at the same time without loss.

roland fp30 vs fp10

The Roland FP10 has a maximum of 96 voices, while the FP30 has up to 128 voices. Impressive, right?

The second difference I would like to mention here is their compactness.

As stated earlier, the FP10 is the most compact and less space-taking.

Its dimension is 128cm (w) x 26cm (d) x 14cm (h). About the Roland FP30, it is a little bit bigger with a size of 130cm (w) x 28cm (d) x 15cm (h).

The other features that the Roland FP10 and FP30 do not share in common are their onboard sounds.

If FP10 presents itself with 4 onboard piano sounds, 2 onboard electric piano sounds, and 9 other onboard sounds, its rival comes with 6, 7, and 22, respectively.

Roland FP 10 Overview

With several different and similar points above, we think you’ve already equipped yourself with an overview of FP10’s strengths and weaknesses compared to its rival, the Roland FP30.

Now, it’s time to have a further look at its detailed features.

Onboard Sounds, Twin Modes, and Advanced Technology

Inspiration can lead a piano player everywhere.

And with FP10, you are now more powerful and ready to perform, either at home or anywhere else.

This model can ignite your musical creativity with a diverse system of onboard sounds, such as electric piano, organ, and strings.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

With the onboard metronome, you can save a lot of time practicing for mastery.

Also, with the twin piano mode, now you are definitely ready for a one-to-one lesson.

After your teacher or trainer plays a series of notes, it becomes much easier for you to follow him or her. 

In addition to these features, Bluetooth and MIDI connectivity technology are just great for tech lovers.

Now, you can connect your beloved digital piano to a whole new world of lessons on the app of Roland’s Piano Partner 2.

This app is provided for accompanying your terrific journey of learning piano.

However, the rhythm function is not available for Piano Partner 2 yet.

roland fp 10 vs roland fp 30

The Most Compact 88-key Digital Piano, Pedalling, Onboard Songs

If you are longing for a full size of 88-note piano, but you don’t have enough space in your home for one, then Roland FP10 will be a great option for you!

With a very modest size of 128cm (w) x 26cm (d) x 14cm (h), you can put the Roland FP10 anywhere inside your house!

You can also utilize the portable KS-12 keyboard stand for a flexible move.

Besides, if you want to use the impressive pedaling technique, like half-pedaling, just plug in the optional DP-10 pedal.

Finally, in terms of onboard songs, the model FP10 from the brand Roland slightly has the edge over its rival with 32 songs.

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  • Nice to the touch
  • Enough realistic weight and resistance
  • Excellent sound quality out of the speakers
  • Multi-functional


  • Hard-to-use pedal

Who Should Buy FP10?

With Roland FP10’s features and its comparison with FP30, we can see that this is a portable and convenient digital piano for effortless transport, relocation, and storage.

Together with its simplicity in setting and using, the Roland FP10 has become the perfect piano for starters to practice.

Roland FP30 Overview

Highly Ready For Your Move

If you are already tired with bulky and heavy traditional pianos, then this Roland Fp30 would be a smart choice!

The light and compact model is greatly used for your warm and cozy home.

With the dimension of 30cm (w) x 28cm (d) x 15cm (h), the Roland FP30 surely allows you to carry it along when necessary.

This compact feature gives musical performers and music teachers a premium level instrument that is easy to relocate.

Traditional-like Foot Pedals

The non-compulsory KSC-70 stand and KPD-70 three-pedal unit can offer you a far more conventional setup and appearance, which can’t be owned by any other digital pianos.

Still, the setting helps maintain a smaller footprint.

Furthermore, the KPD-70’s pedals are a great option in case of hands-free turning of the onscreen music pages at the time users learn through the apps of piaScore or Sheet Music Direct.

roland fp 30 vs roland fp 10

Other High-tech Advantages

Those features mentioned above have just shown you the Roland FP30 is just wonderful for practicing mastery.

Its superior sound and touch can even contend with the toughest pianists.

With the powerful SuperNatural piano engine and PHA-4 Standard keyboard, this instrument can offer its players an honest and authentic sound and touch.

The feeling of ivory, the escapement, will bring a natural sensation of an acoustic piano.

Just like the Roland FP10, the FP30 also comes with the dual-mode feature, which is wonderful for piano tutoring.

Besides, this musical instrument can produce other types, such as strings, voices, drums, organs, and many more.

In case you want to save songs captured with the onboard SMF recorder, connect USB to it.

And then, you can immerse yourself into your musical world with your loved WAV and SMF.

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  • Quality acoustic piano sound
  • Realistic feel/action of an acoustic piano
  • Nice ivory feel
  • Nicely weighted keys


  • A little loud (recommend you use a headphone to avoid disturbing another one)

Who Should Buy FP30? 

Compared with Roland FP10, it is clear that the FP30 has become the winner in several fields. If we strip things down to the basics, we will see that FP30 is equipped with a punch of features and technology for professional performances and recordings.

From its 128 voices to a richer tonal texture, we would love to suggest this great option for those who have already spent time practicing piano.

Roland FP10 vs FP30 - Which Is Better? 

To answer this question, it’s highly recommended to consider your current level first.

Let’s honestly consider whether you’ve just started practicing piano or already spent quite a long time with musical instruments.

As we mentioned before, Roland FP10 will suit beginners perfectly.

In case you are searching for immense improvement in level, the Roland FP30 would be the one you should not miss.

However, after taking into consideration a particular number of criteria, the final answer should be decided.

And based on what I have introduced to you so far, the Roland FP30 is leading the game with more advantages.

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The Roland FP10 and FP30 all have 88 keys with PHA-4 Standard keyboard, featuring in the escapement and the ivory feel.

Both offer their users duo-mode for practicing, the SuperNatural sound engine, MIDI, and Bluetooth connectivity tech.

Moreover, both of them have the effects of ambiance, brilliance, piano string resonance, the damper resonance, and the piano key off-resonance.

And these features listed are nothing but wonderful for a high-end digital piano.

However, it’s not the end yet.

Not only does the Roland FP30 possess these features, but it is also equipped with 120 voices of polyphony and different kinds of onboard sounds.

Hence, let’s give a big applause to our winner - The Roland FP30!

Some Other Outstanding Models


Does Roland FP 30 Have Midi?

There are many good points that Roland FP30 features, and MIDI is one of them.

The 35 built-in sounds, dual-mode, 30 internal songs and an onboard MIDI recorder, etc.

It is just purely amazing!

How Do I Update Roland FP 30?

Updating the Roland FP30 will take you an amount of time, and you should prepare for it to get a much better version of the digital piano!

But don’t worry because the update won’t be complicated!

The first thing to do is disconnect the power to the piano, then connect the USB memory to the USB port.

After that, hold down and switch on the power to the musical instrument.

That’s when the update is processing.

During this period, the indicator in the right of the function will flash in succession for you to know.

Does Roland FP 10 Have Bluetooth?

Yes, it does. The model FP10 from the brand Roland gives us a lot of special features.

And Bluetooth connectivity is one of them.

With these features, you can alternatively use USB or wireless connection to your smart tools.

In Conclusion

Such a long journey to go, isn’t it?

We guess you’re now sure about your final choice.

Roland FP10 vs FP30 is absolutely a close race! And you’re the one to find out which instrument works the best for you.

The Roland FP30 shows more strengths, including its number of voices and onboard sounds.

As a result, it is slightly over the Roland FP10.

On the other hand, suitability should be judged on your compatibility with the instrument.

A beginner will be more comfortable with the Roland FP10 while the other model will be perfect for professionals.

Thank you for reading! And good luck with your decision!

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