Boss DD3 Vs DD7: Which One Is Best For You?

Delay is an essential part of every guitarist’s rig. We can’t live without it! A chorus, delay, and a variation of distortion is a simple set-up that will make great music! Over the years, Boss Corporation has fully understood the importance of delay and capitalized on it! Today, among the digital delays Boss has made, […]

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Best Distortion/Overdrive Pedals For Tube Amp!

Before the birth of modern music, instruments were played in its raw and clean nature, and it sounded great. As the years go by, people became bored and wanted something loud. They decided to crank up the volume of their amplifiers and to their shock, it was a warm and dirty distorted sound. Everyone was […]

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Best Multi Effects Pedals Under $200 (2018 UPDATE)

A lot of people, if not everyone, would love to get the most out of their expenditures. This is true for most musicians, especially those who have just started their hobby or career. If you are looking for the best multi effects pedal under 200 dollars, it can be quite tricky. But nevertheless, there are gadgets […]

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Boss RC1 Vs RC3 : Which Is Better ? (2018 Update)

Boss has created numerous types of guitar effects such as delays, overdrives, distortions, filters, loopers and much more. They have manufactured a large array of guitar effects over the last four decades and proved their worth on the market. Just hearing the brand already suggest a lot of great pedals in your mind already, right? Since […]

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Top 5 Best Guitar Pedals Reviews (2018 UPDATE)

Stompbox, guitar effects, effects pedal, guitar pedal, gear, rig… call it whatever you want, it all pertains to the same thing – these are all signal altering devices that change musical color in many different aspects. If you are looking for the guitar pedal that will suit your needs, you will surely be overwhelmed with the […]

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