How To Play A Song On The Guitar In 8 Simple Steps?

There is no doubt that modern music today has employed the use of stringed instruments in numerous ways. In fact, it has dominated the mainstream music. There is always a guitar on the band, and true enough, more than one.

The guitar is a great instrument, and I bet you have a friend who knows how to play a song on the guitar. It is easy to play, and you can bring it anywhere without so much hassle. Now, I know, you just want to start, right? What do you need?

Things You Need To Have

how to play a song on the guitar step by step

1. A guitar of your choice

2. Chord chart

3. Guitar Amplifier (a must for electric guitar)

4. Guitar strap

5. Time to practice

Any guitar will do. But for beginners, it is recommended to engage on a six-string acoustic guitar. This is where most guitarists start their journey. The reason being, it does not require a guitar amplifier. So if you don’t have a guitar yet and want to try out something new, an acoustic guitar will suit you best.

How To Play A Song On The Guitar?

For centuries, people have been listening and playing music all around the world. In fact, there are artifacts that confirm that even the ancient people have their own form of music. No wonder we love music so much up to this day. Now go ahead and pick up your guitar.

Handling Your Guitar

1. If you are right handed, hold the neck of the guitar with your left hand. Have the curve of the guitar body rest on your lap in a sitting position. For lefties, invert the said position.

Tip: For lefties, you need to invert the order of the strings. The low E string should be at the top of the fretboard while you hold the neck with your right hand.

Tip: Use a guitar strap if you want to play in a standing position or if you want to secure your guitar.

Select A Song

2. Pick a song you want to play. The internet is a very powerful tool. Take advantage of it.

Chord Chart

3. Open your chord chart and copy the pattern of the chord in your guitar. I recommend that you have a nifty printed copy of a chord chart and have it glued in a piece of folder or cardboard.

Plotting The Chords

4. On your chord chart, you will see the patterns laid out, and you can translate them on the guitar neck. See to it that each you press on the strings just beside every fret bar to get a good sound.


5. There are two ways to play a song. You can strum it altogether or pluck each string in succession.

Tip: For beginners, you might find strumming your guitar easier than plucking.

6. One of the most common patterns of strumming is down-down-up-down-up-down (DDUDUD). Get yourself familiar with the abbreviation since you will, most often, encounter those on song tutorials.

Tip: You can also listen to the song you are playing and try to copy how the musician plays his guitar. For a short cut, try watching a video clip tutorial.


7. Plucking the strings of your guitar is another way to play a song. This technique is most often called fingerstyle. A lot of people have engaged to this and incorporated some tapping on the body of the guitar to sound like being accompanied by a beatbox.

Tip: You can also do this, but, for beginners, get yourself accustomed to strumming and handling your guitar before engaging in more advanced techniques.

Sing Along

8. Follow the rhythm of the song and If you are in the mood, why not sing along with while playing the guitar?

how to play a song on the guitar with one string

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A Note For Electric Guitars Users

You will need a guitar amplifier to make an electric guitar sound. The manner of playing an electric guitar is the same with an acoustic guitar. They follow the same pattern and the same layout.

Tip: Using guitar effects can turn your ordinary sound to a face melting, roof tearing music!

In Summary

By now, I believe that you can tell your friend who knows how to play a song on the guitar that you are going to learn it too! I bet your friend will also be excited to jam with you! Music is best enjoyed with company. Making music with a friend or a band is a great experience.

Now go ahead and pick up your guitar, bury your face in that chord chart and practice! Record yourself while you are at it so you could review what you need to improve.

Do not hesitate to tell me if you have enjoyed this simple tutorial. Feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

How To Play A Song On The Guitar In 8 Simple Steps?
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