How To Cut Guitar Strings: The Right Way!

Replacing your guitar strings regularly makes sure that your tone will always be at its best. When you meticulously maintain your guitar strings, it would not wear as easily and would save you from accidentally breaking it in front of an audience! To make sure that your strings are well maintained, it's vital that you replace them regularly.

How to cut guitar strings is one of the basic questions concerning guitar string replacement. If you think it’s something that doesn’t follow a systematic method, think again! Well, you are probably not that person because you are to know the proper way of cutting your guitar strings!

Now, let me walk you through cutting your strings the proper way.

Why Cut Your Strings?

There are many reasons why you would need to cut your strings. You can do it out of to get rid of boredom. Yes, you can absolutely do that. But that would be a waste, right? I’d say some of the best reasons to cut your guitar strings is when you want to replace them.

For any reason, you can choose to change your set of strings. If you want to try out some lighter or heavier gauge, you will need to cut and remove your strings before replacing new ones.

Here are some of the things you need to cut and replace your guitar strings.

•    Wire cutter

•    Guitar string winder

•    Guitar strings

•    Microfiber cloth

•    Lemon oil (optional)

•    Cotton balls (optional)

If you will be replacing your whole set of strings, it would the best time to clean and rehydrate your fingerboard too! Lemon oil will restore your fingerboard’s optimal hydration and prevent it from cracking.

Step 1

I know how much excited you are about cutting your strings! But before you go crazy and cut your strings, loosen it first! Do not cut a string while it’s tuned. The tension will flick the strings and may potentially injure you.

Step 2

After loosening your guitar strings, it’s time to cut them! Don’t cut them near the bridge or the nut. You will have trouble removing them, and the sharp cut end may cause injury. Using your wire cutter, cut your guitar strings somewhere around the sound hole.

If you only have one faulty string, you may proceed to replacing it. If you will be replacing the whole set, you should follow the next instruction.

Step 3

Experts advise to cut and replace two strings at a time. Removing all the strings at once relieves the neck from the string tension. This may cause the wood to warp, especially if your guitar neck doesn’t have a truss rod.

Loosen and cut two strings at a time. Take this time to clean your fretboard. Soak your cotton balls with lemon oil and apply it directly on your fretboard. This will bring back the natural color of your fretboard.

Step 4

Notice the notch at the bottom of your string winder? They are used for removing the bridge pins. Remove the bridge pins and coil the remains of your guitar strings for easy disposal. Uncoil the strings attached to the tuner manually to avoid wasting the health of your machine head.

Step 5

Insert the ball end of your strings and re-install the bridge pins. Press firmly but gently until the shaft is inserted all the way through.

Step 6

Now, here is another exciting part. You will need to cut the working end of your new guitar string! Before inserting it on the tuning pegs, measure about 3 inches past the pegs. This will give you enough string to coil on the tuning pegs tightly.

Step 7

After inserting the working end on the tuning peg, twist the knob in the right direction to tighten them. Twist the tuners counterclockwise to tighten it. Press the string around the nut area as you turn the knob to make sure that your strings are coiling downward.

Step 8

Finally, when your guitar strings are properly in place, tune it accordingly. New strings will get out of tune. This is normal, and it will take a few readjustments before it reaches its optimal tension.

Step 9

Play at your heart’s content!


Cutting your guitar strings isn’t always the best thing to do when you are bored, frustrated, or you just want to have fun. But that’s not the reason why you are here. You don’t really plan on messing around with your guitar strings like that!

Cutting your strings and replacing them may be a little intimidating, especially if it's your first time. However, if you follow the steps above, you will know how to cut guitar strings like a pro! First, find a reason why you want to cut your strings. Any reason will do, but, replacing worn out strings or changing guitar gauge are few good reasons to do so!

Now, go ahead and cut your guitar strings!

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