How To Choose An Electric Guitar?The First Step To Being A Rock Star!

I know why you are here, I feel you, I have been there. I have faced that century old problem of how to choose an electric guitar. I know you are, at this moment, ready to make your purchase. The problem is, the more you contemplate which electric guitar to buy, the more you get confused and frustrated.

What Do You Already Know?

how to choose an electric guitar for beginners

The first question you might want to ask yourself is how much you already know. You might be wondering why you need to assess yourself before buying your guitar. The answer is quite simple in truth. You might be wasting your money if you consider buying a guitar with a factory installed advanced tremolo lever.

There are some features that you may not find useful yet if you are starting on your hobby or music career. However, advanced players might be looking for multiple pick-up configurations, type of wood, tailpieces, scale length and electronics. Yeah, there’s a lot more on an electric guitar than meets the eye.

What Do You Play?

Not all guitars are made equal. If you compare classical vs acoustic guitar vs electric guitar, you will be quite fascinated by the immense difference of each type. Each of the guitar types is further subdivided in a lot more different genre of music. There're three types of electric guitar:

Hollow body electric guitars are quite similar to acoustic guitars but has a thinner body and is fitted with electronics to be hooked up to a guitar amp. Hollow body guitars are also known as Jazz Guitar because Jazz musicians fancied them for its rich resonance and elegant bass tones.

how to choose first electric guitar

Semi-Hollow body electric guitar is a cross between the solid body and the hollow body guitar. The iconic F sound holes are hollow, and the middle section of the body is solid. This design enables more sustain and less feedback when plugged into an amp. With its added sustain and warm tones; it has become the favorite of many jazz blues guitarists.

Solid body electric guitars are the most popular and the most versatile among the others. The body is made of single piece of wood and drilled with electronics and pick ups ranging from one to three. It does not have the warm tones and resonance of a hollow or a semi-hollow body guitar, but the extensive selection of guitar effects can alter or copy tones of other types of guitar at some level.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Entry Level Electric Guitars

how to choose the right electric guitar for you

You will find a huge selection of guitars at this level, and they are quite decent. You might want to check on Epiphone (a subsidiary company of Gibson), they make good quality models for a much lower price.

They are famous for models with humbucker pick-ups and three-way toggle control switch to cycle between selection and combination of pick-ups. This gives you a good control of your tone.

Fender has also made a more affordable model in its subsidiary company Squier. They use, primarily, more readily available types of wood to lower the price combined with some generic single-coil pick-ups.

They have famous models equipped with three single coil pick-ups and five-way toggle control switch. This adds more versatility and uniqueness in shaping your sound. Brighter and crunchy tones on the bridge pick-ups, clear and vibrant tones on the mid pick-ups and warm, round and fluid tones on the neck pick up.

  • Tip #1: If you are a beginner and consider buying a better guitar when you get better, I recommend you buying at this level. I was once a beginner and from that perspective, you won’t see much difference until you have gained more experience in playing, especially with a band.
  • Tip #2: Before you decide to buy another guitar, consider upgrading your electronics. It might be the solution you need, and it will save you a ton of cash.

Intermediate Level Electric Guitars

If you can spend this much, you can take advantage of a better versions of Epiphone models almost comparable to its distant Gibson counterpart.

It is commonly made of better types of wood and better electronics installed. The controls and cosmetics are pretty much the same but you get better sound and resonance because of the types of wood used.

  • Tip #3: Finding a great guitar at this level is quite tricky. If you are planning on upgrading by this point, I suggest you save it for later and buy the next category.

Pro Level Electric Guitars

This tier unlocks the best brands and signature models out in the market. You can look for some rare guitars models that the greatest musicians of all time have used. Another good thing about this price range is you can opt for something that is uniquely you.

how to choose best electric guitar

The price sure is on the roof, but if you can afford it, why not have a unique guitar?

Will You Buy Online Or At A Physical Store?

This is a practical question of warranties. It is easier to buy online because it will be delivered at your doorstep a few days after purchase and it also has a manufacturer’s warranty.

Just in case you encounter a problem, how will it be addressed? If you bought your guitar online, will local store near you cater for your issues? If not, it’s quite troublesome to ship the item back to the seller to avail your warranty. Considering a Guitar store near you is an amazing choice.


There are a lot of things to consider to answer the question how to choose an electric guitar. The thing is, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I already know?
  • What type of music do I want to play?
  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • Will I buy online or at a physical store?

Once you have considered all of these things, you can surely find the guitar that will suit you best! So, are you ready to buy one now? What are you waiting for? Go out there and be a rock star!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. I hope you enjoyed this article!

How To Choose An Electric Guitar?The First Step To Being A Rock Star!
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