Electro-Voice RE20 vs Shure SM7B

Currently, on the market, RE20 vs SM7B combat is creating controversy for the best recording mic. They are both high-end, versatile, and famous mics.

But, when they’re put in the same competition, which will best suit you. It’s time to compare these two models and come with the final answer!

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RE20 Vs SM7B

First of all, both RE20 and SM7B have cardioid polar patterns. This feature allows them to give the best quality of sounds when you record from the front.

When you are at 90 degrees and 180 degrees, the sounds heard are getting smaller and smaller.

In addition to that, these popular mics for voice-over are equipped with mounts. If the Shure RE20 doesn’t give you any other option of mounts, its rival will, on the other hand, offer you many more choices of mounting replacement.

Moreover, these two electronic devices all have windscreen. The SM7B comes with a foam windscreen on the exterior and even with another flatter one, and the RE20 possesses an internal windscreen.

After talking about the common features between SM7B and RE20, let’s jump to the different points. When looking at them, we easily notice that the RE20 has a steel case while the SM7B doesn’t.

The second distinguishing point we want to mention is about their dimension. In particular, the electro-voice RE20 broadcasting microphone weighs only 1 pound, and its dimensions are 1x1x9 inches.

On the flip side, the mic SM7B is a little bit heavier with 2.7 pounds and 7.47 x 3.78 x 5.81 inches in terms of dimension.

In the next sections, we would love to share more about their detailed features. Hence, you can make a smart choice of recording mics more easily at the end.

Electro-Voice RE20 Overview

Why did broadcasters fall in love with this modern-designed RE20? Let’s find out the reasons behind this!

Variable-D Technology And Shock-mount

Thanks to this outstanding design technology, the RE20 does a great job  minimizing proximity effect tonal changes. Together with the heavy-duty internal pop filter, the Variable-D are more than expectations when it comes to voice-over jobs.

Based on the feature, the model RE20 has been creating a good impression on sound engineers worldwide.  Not yet, the Shure RE20 also features an element shock-mount on the interior.

In particular, it is well-performed with vibration-induced noise reduction.

Technical Specifications

The RE20 has a wide frequency response ranging from 45 to 18,000Hz. This feature allows the mic to be used in recording different types of musical instruments or other vocals tasks.

Besides, as a cardioid mic, this model from the brand Share also provides its users with great rejection at 180 degrees off-axis.

electro voice re20 vs shure sm7b

Additionally, thanks to the help of the Acoustalloy diaphragm and the low-mass aluminum voice coil, the mic RE20 can recreate very high sound pressure levels with no fear of overload and distortion.

Other Features

In environments with high humidity, the mic RE20 still functions probably, while other types of condenser mics can be seriously damaged.

And as we mentioned earlier, the steel case, together with the hum-bucking coil, will help the mic resists hum and noise.

Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone with Variable-D
  • Professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone with studio condenser-like performance
  • The classic sound of FM radio voices with smooth, natural, and controlled sonic character

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  • Steel case for mic’s safety
  • Variable-D technology
  • Voice shifted frequency response
  • Large-diaphragm
  • Bass roll-off switch


  • Sounds a bit like nasal with low-frequency tones

Who Should Choose RE20?

If you’re simply eager at recording music, we would love to recommend this modern mic. The mic can be used suitably by broadcasters or live streamers thanks to its wide frequency response and the high-quality voice-over sound relying on the pop filter.

Shure SM7B Overview

Frequency Response

The model SM7B is famous for its natural and authentic sounds and speeches recorded? Why is that? One of the most important reasons is that it has a wide range-frequency response of 50-20,000Hz.

Mounting And Windscreen

You must be satisfied with these features from the mic’s manufacturer. First of all, SM7B features the Yoke mounting with a captive stand nut for simple assembly and dismounting.

Hence, users can easily control and adjust the position of the mic. 

Another favorite thing about this model is its windscreen. It is designed properly not only to decrease the plosive sounds but also to offer a warmer tone for close-talk vocals.

shure sm7b vs electro voice re20

Other Features

Let’s find out more interesting features of this awesome device. At first, we will be amazed by its internal “air suspension” shock isolation.

It will help reduce mechanical noise transmission. And then, the bass roll-off and mid-range emphasis controls with graphic display of response setting will also challenge hi-tech lovers!

As we discovered earlier, the SM7B operates as a classic cardioid polar pattern with frequency and symmetrical axis.

This feature helps to provide the highest rejection and minimum coloration of the off-axis sound. 

Shure SM7B Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  • ONE MICROPHONE FOR EVERYTHING - Studio Recording, Home Recording, Podcasting & Streaming. The SM7B Is Trusted By The Worlds Leading Vocalists, Podcasters & Streamers.
  • STUDIO VOCAL RECORDING - The SM7B’s Dynamic Cartridge With Smooth, Flat, Wide-range Frequency Response Produces Exceptionally Clean & Natural Reproduction Of Both Music & Speech.

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  • Outstanding Yoke mounting design
  • Warm tone
  • Effective pop filter
  • Wide flat frequency response
  • Perfectly rejects electromagnetic hum and computer noise


  • Not excellent in isolating ambient sounds
  • Additional audio interface needed for the best sounds recorded

Who Should Choose Shure SM7B?

We highly recommend this model for those who are practicing for streamings and podcast live shows. Stable recording performance and clear sounds recorded will be big pluses for you. Furthermore, those who are planning on voice-over or commenting jobs can give it a try as well!

Electro-Voice RE20 Vs Shure SM7B: Which Is Better?

Finally, the competition Shure SM7B vs electro voice RE20 has come to an end. The journey exploring each model's strengths and weaknesses has shown us more logical reasons to make the final choice, right?

Generally, they are all great for recording sounds, especially for voice-over and streamings, as they all have a wide frequency response.

The sounds recorded by these models are good and outstanding, compared with other rivals on the market.

However, the battle needs a final winner, and which is the one? We know that they both feature great and needed-to-be-improved points.

Actually, the SM7B has a slight edge over the RE20 in terms of precision and warm tones. When listening to sound recorded by the former, you will probably be more impressed. On the flip side, the RE20 does a great job of separating sounds in close proximity and irregularities. What a tough choice!

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In the end, we still favor the SM7B a little over its rival thanks to its versatile features. You can use the SM7B for instrument recording, voice-over, radio, and broadcast.


How To Setup Mixer With Electro-Voice RE20?

You can plug your electro-voice RE20 into the mixer and then connect the mixer to a recorder. The recorder is connected to your laptop. With the mixer, you’re now able to adjust the incoming sound frequency.

How To Connect Shure SM7B To Computer?

sm7b vs re20

In order to connect Shure SM7B to your computer, follow these steps:

  • Plug an XLR cable into a USB preamp
  • Then, plug a USB cable from the preamp to your computer
  • After that, plug the mic into an additional mic preamp of the Grace M101
  • The output of the Grace M101 goes into the USB preamp for the best sound quality!

How To Mute Shure SM7B?

There are several ways to mute the Shure SM7B, and one of them is to use the phantom power switch as a mute button.  


Such a long way to go! Don’t you think? We have been together on the journey to discover the similarities, differences between the RE20 and the SM7B. The battle RE20 vs SM7B is too difficult to define the winner!

Although the final choice of mics may come down to your preference or a personal favorite, we still think the Shure SM7B will be a  than its rival, considering its versatility. Thank you for checking out this reading and good luck!

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