Classical Vs Acoustic Guitar: Which Is Better?

There are a lot of types of guitar today with different brands and a vast selection of models. The most typical starting level of them all, the classical and acoustic guitar. This is where it gets more confusing. If you were to choose between classical vs acoustic guitar, what will you pick?

I know you want to make the most out of the guitar you will choose, but, how will you tell which one is for you? Why will I want a classical guitar? Why will I want acoustic guitar? Is there a better one between the two? How much am I willing to spend?

How Do I Know Which One Is For Me?

classical vs acoustic guitar for beginners

This is not an easy question to answer because it draws more questions rather than a straight path solution. Firstly, to discover which one is for you, ask what type of music you are listening to. If you love modern music, it will be easy to go for an acoustic guitar. On the other hand, if you already read music or want to read music, the classical guitar would be an excellent choice.

Secondly, there is an issue of how much time you can carve for practice. If you plan to read musical notes, the classical guitar path will require a tremendous amount of time to hone your skills and progress. If you are already used to read music, then you get a head start.

A few hours of intent practice each day can give you enough skill to strum and sing along with your acoustic guitar. Just a few weeks and you can see you are moving up the ladder. If you want to perform, you can easily choose simple riffs and sing like a pro.

Why Will I Choose An Acoustic Guitar?

Steel strings are perfectly designed to fit acoustic guitars. They project bright and crunchy sounds compared to a classical guitar. Acoustic guitars are very common in the mainstream music industry because it is very portable and can be played unplugged, plugged and even on a mic.

There are a lot of types of acoustic guitars out there varying in sizes and number of strings. Larger bodies mean louder sound like the dreadnought and jumbo guitar. If you love listening and aspiring to play bluegrass, this will be an excellent choice.

Fact: For beginners, your fingertips will hurt at first, depending on how much you play. If you play a lot, it will hurt a lot. A few months of playing will thicken your fingertips, and the pain will be negligible.

Why Will I Choose A Classical Guitar?

Why would you? I mean, nobody plays classical guitar anymore. I don’t even know anyone playing it except a few old people on youtube playing insane classical guitar pieces I can’t even appreciate and comprehend! Well, if that’s the case, a classical guitar might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you are fascinated by the skills and techniques of classical guitar players, and if you are willing to spend huge chunk your time practicing, and if you can live with the fact that very few people listen and appreciate classical music, then this might be for you.

Classical guitars are very easy to distinguish. They are equipped with nylon strings which are way lighter than steel strings and comfortable on the fingertips. The fretboard is noticeably wider than its counterpart for easy fingerstyle playing.

IMHO: Every skill and technique you learn in the arena of classical and contemporary classical music can translate to any stringed instrument and any genre of music. It compliments with whatever playing style you want to use or currently using and makes it better.

Is Classical Guitar Better Than An Acoustic Guitar?

classical vs acoustic guitar sound

This question of the classical vs acoustic guitar is a subjective matter and heavily depends on what type of music you are in to. They are both great guitars in the same sense. They have similar parts and similar sizes. You cannot play a great classical piece using an acoustic guitar same way you cannot strum a classical guitar, sing along and expect a bright ringing sound.

So the answer simply is, they are both great in their respective arena.

How Much Am I Willing To Spend?

There are cheap guitars, and there are also affordable guitars. There are modestly affordable guitars and expensive guitars. The best of them all, the handcrafted guitars by famous luthiers which are insanely expensive.

In Summary

Before you pursue your musical endeavor, I highly suggest that you:

  • Evaluate your musical preference
  • Determine what type of music you will be playing along with
  • How much time you can practice
  • How much you are willing to spend

It would be a very good idea to start off with a low priced guitar and work your way up. Study first the intricacies of the guitar. An expensive guitar may sound dull in an inexperienced player, and an affordable guitar may sound great when played by an experienced, skillful musician.

Classical Vs Acoustic Guitar: Which Is Better?
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