How To Fix Stuck Piano Keys – A Guide For Struggling Pianists

stuck piano keys

Piano is a beautiful instrument, whether you’re talking about its exterior or its sound. But what happens if one of the keys is stuck and thus unable to produce the lovely musical note? Today, we’ll be diving into how to fix stuck piano keys by finding out the reasons why such occurrences happen and the ways … Read more

Casio CTK 3500 Review

casio ctk 3500 review

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Alesis Recital Pro vs Yamaha P45 – Which Is Better?

alesis recital pro vs yamaha p45

This post was updated on: Digital pianos are spreading like wildfire in the market. In particular, the sound they deliver is increasingly similar to the classical acoustic piano sound.However, when the market for them is too cramped, the battle for the top has never stopped. And Alesis Recital Pro vs Yamaha is probably what music … Read more

Yamaha P45 Vs P125 – Which Is Better?

yamaha p45 vs p125

This post was updated on: If you are looking for a piano for beginners, we are sure that you may stumble upon the two Yamaha P45 vs P125 once. These are the two models that are popular due to their versatile and compact.There probably is some confusion when deciding which one is the right fit … Read more

Alesis Recital Vs Recital Pro: Which Is Better?

alesis recital vs recital pro

This post was updated on: If you are a starter in the piano learning journey, you might come up with the idea of purchasing a less expensive digital one. Still don’t know which high-quality digital piano to choose? Let’s check out the brand Alesis. Alesis is worldwide renowned for its high-end pianos and never stops improving … Read more