Alesis Recital Vs Recital Pro: Which Is Better?

alesis recital vs recital pro

If you are a starter in the piano learning journey, you might come up with the idea of purchasing a less expensive digital one. Still don’t know which high-quality digital piano to choose? Let’s check out the brand Alesis. Alesis is worldwide renowned for its high-end pianos and never stops improving the musical instrument’s quality.Alesis Recital … Read more

Yamaha P115 Vs P125 – Which Is Better?

yamaha p115 vs p125

Are you puzzled between Yamaha P115 vs P125? Both exhibit many similarities simply because the Yamaha P115 model is the predecessor of the Yamaha P125.Worry not! The paper below will help you distinguish between these two digital pianos. Keep scrolling until the end of our review to discover many interesting things unrevealed about Yamaha P125 … Read more

Roland FP-10 Vs FP-30: Which Is The Better Digital Piano?

roland fp10 vs fp30

The brand Roland is at the forefront of digital piano technology. The manufacturer has successfully developed its impressive FP range, which covers the beginning level to the professional.The Roland FP10 has been known for its greatest compactness. Whether or not there is another digital piano from the same brand more superior to this one? The Roland FP10 vs … Read more

Roland FP-10 Vs Yamaha P45: Which Is Better?

roland fp10 vs yamaha p45

Are you going to purchase a modern piano that is less expensive and more versatile than a traditional piano? Digital ones should be great in that case! Among currently recommended types of digital pianos on the market, Roland FP10 vs Yamaha P45 are worth your consideration!With today’s article, we would love to take you around checking all … Read more

Yamaha P515 Vs Kawai ES8 – Which is Better?

yamaha p515 vs kawai es8

Perhaps, you are perplexed in fathoming which portable digital piano is better, Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES8.You are presumably aware that purchasing a piano is not viable in that “fast and furious” way, simply due to the instrument’s highway robbery prices.Thus, examining some reliable materials before investing your “property” into artistic predilection is surely a … Read more