How To Know If Your Guitar String Is About To Break?

how to know if your guitar string is about to break

If you own a guitar but are wondering when to replace your strings and worry about when it will break, this is the article for you. One of the parts that need the most attention and care is the strings. But, how to know if your guitar string is about to break? Let’s follow the following … Read more

How To Make Homemade Guitar Capo? Easy Peasy Tips For You

How To Make Homemade Guitar Capo

Many guitarists desire to switch keys but afraid of picking up funky chord shapes? How about you? Is that also your case? If you are in the same boat, then a capo can come and save your neck. The question is how to make a homemade guitar capo in the event that you don’t have enough … Read more

How To Play 7th Chords On Guitar – Best Guidance For Beginners

7th chord

The 7th chords are said to be very basic and simple. As a result, some beginners can quickly play them in opening positions, while skilled players can use them in open tunings or as barre chords.However, though the notes can be pretty easy to play, there are lots of music songs coming from these simple … Read more

The Best Locking Tuners For Les Paul Guitars

les paul guitar

This post was updated on: “While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things are extraordinary.” – Matt Bevin.You can certainly relate to this quote when it comes to finding a locking tuner for your Les Paul guitar. With all the bending moves that Les Paul guitarists do, locking tuners support better stunning … Read more