How To Practice Guitar Quietly?

how to practice guitar quietly

It is true to say that the guitar is one of the great musical instruments if you know how to play it, right? There is no denying that regular guitar practice will definitely enhance your skills.You even can spend more time practicing if you can practice the guitar quietly. In fact, there are several ways … Read more

How Often Should I Oil My Guitar Fretboard?

how often should I oil my guitar fretboard

The guitar is a familiar instrument for many people, even if you don’t need to be a professional musician or too rich to own a guitar.But do you know how to maintain and clean your guitar so that it always stays new and in top condition?So, how often should I oil my guitar fretboard? This … Read more

Can I Use Guitar Capo with Ukulele?

can I use guitar capo with ukulele

Capo is a familiar instrument of many guitarists, usually, it is used to increase the pitch of the sound.Playing the guitar with a Capo backing it up feels like you’re using an extra “sixth finger” and it helps you tone up with ease that’s suitable for the vocalist.With Capo, you can play difficult chords easily. … Read more

How Often Should a Guitar Be Set Up?

how often should a guitar be set up

For people who love to play guitar, it is their pride and joy. So if you are one of them, you’ll naturally want to make sure your guitar is in top condition.There’s no denying that a full guitar set up can get expensive if done too often. In particular, if the people you’re taking your … Read more

How Far Can You Bend a Guitar String?

how far can you bend a guitar string

Bending guitar strings isn’t just something you can do to replace old, oxidized strings. But the guitar string bending is also a top-notch playing technique often performed by musicians, artists, and professional players on stage in front of thousands of spectators. In this article, we will go deeper with you to explore how far can you bend … Read more