Casio LK 280 VS Yamaha EZ 220: Let’s Discover Your Suitable Keyboard!

You are wondering whether you should buy a Casio LK-280 or Yamaha EZ-220 as these two types of keyboards are often placed in a comparable comparison.

You find yourself trapped in this confusion and wanna find a way out? Need a detailed view of the Casio LK-280 vs Yamaha EZ 220 comparison before buying?

Don’t worry. This article will show you Casio LK-280 vs Yamaha EZ 220 review to ease your confusion. Let’s discover!

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Casio LK 280 vs Yamaha EZ 220 Keyboard - The Similarities

Both Yamaha EZ 220 vs Casio LL 280 are perfect virtual teachers for those who just begin playing an instrument independently.

To be specific, they own two speakers with 2.5W amplifiers, which help them create sound output better than devices having one speaker.

Plus, two keyboards feature the 61-lighted keyboard package with lightweight and compact designs that allow users to transport and carry.

They also come with the power supplies, which have a compact design to move and decrease the keyboard's power when the musical instrument is switched off.

Finally, two tools provide users with Samson HP30 Headphones with a closed-cup design and Keyboard Stand, offering convenience for players to perform in different positions.

casio lk 280 vs yamaha ez 220

Yamaha EZ 220 vs Casio LK 280 - The Differences

First, Yamaha EZ-220 and Casio LK-280 are distinctive in the number of Polyphony. To specify, EZ-220 has 32 levels max, whereas LK-280 has up to 48 notes.

Hence, LK-280 overwhelms its counterpart in avoiding dropped notes when using the sustain pedal for several notes, playing huge chords, attaching beats, and layering tones.

In terms of color, LK 280 possesses only silver color, but EZ-220 has an appearance with black and white options.

When it comes to instrument voices, EZ 220 has 392  tones, while LK 280 owns 600 preset styles to open up tremendous potentialities.

Therefore, LK-280 is more preferable because it gives users chances to experience a variety of tones.

Besides, Casio LK-280 has up to 152 built-in songs, including 50 practice songs enabling players to start learning straight away. In contrast, EZ-220 only holds 100 built-in songs plus one demo.

Casio LK-280 Review


The first device, Casio LK-280, is lighter than the Yamaha EZ-220 with a dimension of 45 x 9 x 22 inches and 20.2 pounds in weight.

With its step-by-step teaching modules, the LK-280 works effectively so that the user receives instruction from the start.

Step Lesson songs are broken down into smaller phrases for everyone to understand and follow quickly.

It can be seen that the LK-280 helps you learn to play whole songs by playing small chunks.

The keyboard of Casio LK-280 will turn on a bright light to indicate the next fretboard you have to play.


Casio LK-280 possesses 61 touch-response key piano-like keyboards with lighted notes and an integrated Step-Up Lesson section, which has 32 lectures including 4 setups x 8 banks.

It should be noted, however, that some users have had issues with the LK-280's keys not being as bright as originally intended.

yamaha ez 220 vs casio lk 280

Yamaha LK-280 holds 600 built-in tones with sampling tones up to 8, including 5 Melody Sampling and up to 10 seconds Drum Sampling.

The variety of preset tones let you experience and find out your suitable tones.

Plus, it has 152 built-in songs consisting of 50 practice melodies permitting you to begin learning immediately.

Thanks to that, you can exercise diverse songs without boredom and tediousness.

LK-280 offers up to a maximum of 48 polyphony notes, so you don’t have to bother dropping notes like using a keyboard that contains less polyphonic tones.

Lastly, Casio LK-280 has two large slots built-in with two 2.5W speakers. This feature makes it expressive than one speaker keyboard and creates better sound output.

Outstanding features

Casio LK-280 is equipped with exceptional characteristics such as Casio's legendary Light-up key, Step-by-Step Lesson System, 5-track recorder, class-matching USB port for MIDI, and audio input for the MP3 player. 

Also, it owns an included power supply.

However, if you prefer bringing it along, you can use batteries.

All of these innovations make the LK-280 more robust and powerful than any other device in its class.

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  • Light-up keys
  • Additional midi files to play
  • Great to learn songs quickly
  • Separate loaded music portions
  • Slow tempo for easier learning


  • Hidden functions
  • Short song lesson on this keyboard

Who Should Choose Casio LK-280?

Casio LK-280 is a surpassing device for players who are beginners, especially young children or advanced users. The reason is this keyboard has bright signs of letting you identify where to act next. For advanced players, they will like it because it has a keyboard stand and a pair of headphones for complicated settings.

Yamaha EZ-220 Review


Yamaha EZ-220 features 51 x 8 x 20 inches in measurement and weighs 24.7 pounds.

EZ-220 is simple to use even when you haven’t ever played it before. It can be easily combined and connected with the iPad.

After launching it, you can immediately play.

Yamaha EZ-220 is also a 61-key  touch-sensitive keyboard with bright and wireless keys integrated with the free Page Turner iPad app.

If you are a beginner, EZ-220 is a perfect choice because it owns about 100 songs with backing accompaniment styles set in advance with digital scores.

Besides connecting to the iPad, Yamaha EZ-220 can be connected to a computer via A USB TO HOST port for various music programs.

Furthermore, EZ-220 comes with 392 high-quality pre-installed voices that let you play strings, brass, drums, or guitars.

yamaha ez-220 vs casio lk-280


The second, Yamaha EZ-220, features 61 touch-sensitive and lighted keys, which is so convenient for beginners to follow and play.

This wireless keyboard allows EZ-220 to connect to Page Turner iPad app for free.

It has 392 superior instrument voices including 361 XGlite voices,  Stereo Grand Piano, 12 Drum kits, one sound effect kit, 17 XGlite Optional Voices, and about 100 accompaniment styles as well.

Also, EZ-220 owns a songbook that consists of 100 inherent popular songs such as Fur Elise and one demo song for newbies to speed learning.

Besides, the maximum number of polyphony is 32 notes for better sound.

However, 32 note polyphony is not a very high number for advanced players who prefer a more excellent capacity.

Plus, it has the speakers with a dimension of 4.7 x 0.8 inches and two 2.5W amplifiers.

Outstanding features

One plus point is EZ-220 keyboard uses premium Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) radio sampling, which holds the excellent record and filter technology.

With AWM, Yamaha EZ-220 can create expressive, nuanced, and authentic tones with source instrument sound.

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Lighted Key Portable Keyboard Package with Headphones, Stand and Power Supply
  • Premium bundle includes the Yamaha EZ220 keyboard, Samson HP30 closed-back stereo headphones, World Tour PA-130 power supply, and World Tour SXKS keyboard stand
  • 61 touch-sensitive, lighted keys; Transpose: -12 to 0, 0 to +12
  • Total of 392 high-quality instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles

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  • 61 lighted-key touch-sensitive keys
  • Power supply for mobility
  • Metronome and finger tutorials
  • 9 levels of reverb
  • 100 preset custom accompaniment styles
  • 32 polyphony levels


  • The app only available for iOS
  • No wireless connections
  • Unadjustable volume for accompanying tracks

Who Should Choose Yamaha EZ-220?

Yamaha EZ-220 is suitable for beginners rather than advanced players. It has 61 touch-sensitive keyboard with lighted keys, which shows users where to play next and which fingers you will use. All you need to do is turn it on and play even if you have never operated it before. So convenient.

Casio LK-280 vs Yamaha EZ-220 - Which is Best? 

Casio LK-280 is indeed more prominent with more outstanding features than Yamaha EZ-220 because of the following.

First, LK-280 is more lightweight and compact than, EZ-220, with only 20.2 pounds in weight, convenient for users to move to different places.

Also, LK-280 comes with a USB port that allows you to rock out with favorite music software.

EZ-220 also owns a USB port but it can not convert your tool into a stereo speaker system for an MP3 player. 

With the larger number of tones, preset rhythms, built-in songs, and polyphony notes than the Yamaha EZ-220, Casio LK-280 gives users a chance to create their own more complex themes and compositions.

Last but not least, LK-280 allows you to combine with many apps of diverse platforms while Yamaha EZ just connects to apps on IOS.

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How to illuminate LCD on Casio LK-280?

You don't need to perform any complicated settings to illuminate the LCD on the Casio LK-280.

The reason is that the LCD screen becomes active as soon as you turn on the keyboard.

Which key is C on Casio Lk-280?

You should take a look at the white key sequence.

The first key on the Casio LK-280 is the C note, and the next six notes respectively DEFGAB.

There are a total of 7 notes with seven letters represented, and these seven notes will be repeated back in the correct order to the end of the keyboard chain.

How to set split piano on EZ 220 Yamaha?

You can set split piano, which divides the entire keyboard into the Auto Accompaniment range (left-hand area) and Melody range (right-hand area) in this way.

Firstly, you need to hold the FUNCTION switch many times till the “SplitPnt” sign arises.

The contemporary Split Point sign is illuminated.

Then, use the Number keys to install the Split Point.

It is noted that you should press the [+] and [-] buttons concurrently to spontaneously reset the value to its default setting (54 or F #2).

Apply these steps, and you will set a split piano successfully.

How to upload styles to Yamaha EZ 220?

To do this, the player just needs to press the Styles button longer than usual, then use the dial to choose an appropriate style.

Besides, you can also adjust the accompaniment’s speed by pressing the Tempo / Tap button and then using the dial to change the speed to match the track.

In the bottom line,

After reading the Casio LK-280 VS Yamaha EZ-220 comparison, do you decide on your beloved keyboard?

The winner in this battle is obvious, but the final choice is still up to you.

If you like a cheaper and easy-to-use keyboard, let’s pick the Yamaha EZ-220. With several impressive specs, you should choose Casio LK-280.

In my opinion, I appreciate Casio LK-280 because it holds many outstanding features mentioned above that make it more impressive and powerful than any other keyboard.

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