Boss CH-1 Vs CE-5: The Best Chorus You Want For Your Rig!

What’s good music made of? It’s made with the right mix of talent and the right guitar effects. What do you think Boss CH1 vs CE5 would do to your music? Surely your music would shine!

Certainly, mainstream music has been greatly improved by these little boxes.

Since the 60s, these devices have been popping out, and huge musical instrument companies have been competing to get the top place.

Boss CH1 vs CE5

Looking at the specs, they seem to have very little difference.

However, when plugged and used, Boss CE-5 has an advanced control that lets you cut high and low frequency to suit your style.

Boss CH1 Super Chorus Review

The classic Boss CH1 was released in 1989. It’s housed in a bluish-lavender enclosure that has four knobs to control the quality of the sound you produce.

This chorus is fully analog, and many musicians still find it to their liking.

Although digital choruses are available and can be found everywhere, many users still prefer analog guitar effects for the user-friendly feature.

It has four knobs that control the level of effects, one for the EQ that cuts treble, a knob for the rate, and a knob that controls the depth. It has an input and two outputs for stereo mode.


The chorus gives you a shimmering effect by controlling the rate and the depth. By adding more depth, the modulation is more pronounced. Adding rate will give more vibration to your effect.

With just two knobs controlling the effects, this device is quite easy to use. The level knob adjusts the volume, and the EQ knob cuts some treble for a fatter sound projection.


If you want to use a two-amplifier setup, this guitar pedal has a dual output that enables you to have a clean signal output on one amplifier and a wet signal on the other.

This gives you a fatter sound that fills the air with shimmering music.

Sound Quality

This guitar effects pedal projects a rich and shimmering vibe that swells up your music. It’s a great way to inflate your sound if you lack a guitarist to fill all range of frequencies.

It’s a popular sound in the 80s, and many known bands were fond of it like Metallica. This sound it projects gives guitar solos a mesmerizing sound.

Boss CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus Pedal
  • Chus Effects Pedal f Guitar Keyboard with Stereo Outputs
  • Depth Controls

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  • Boss is a world-renowned company that manufactures high-quality guitar effects.
  • This analog chorus is easy to use.
  • This product is analog which means repair and troubleshooting is easier.
  • This device has a dual output for stereo mode.
  • This can operate on 9v battery.


  • For advanced users, this device may be a little limiting.

Boss CE5 Chorus Ensemble Review

Now, let’s have a look at the Boss CE5. It has a lighter hue of bluish-lavender and used black knobs instead.

It’s the fourth Chorus Ensemble in the series, and CE5 made a mark in the history. It has the same number of knobs, but instead of EQ, one is labeled filter.

This fourth knob is a kind of special. It’s 2 dials stacked. You get to cut the high frequency with the top dial and the low frequency with the low dial.

Boss retained the stereo output for this model. As with Boss CH1, CE 5 is as easy to use. The rate controls the number and speed of the replicated signal, and the depth manages the modulation.


At first, it may seem a bit similar with the CH1. However, with the additional filter for the highs and lows, you get to infuse more of your character with your music.

Cutting the lows gives you a sharp and bright. Cutting the highs will give you a fatter and more pronounced low.


With two outputs, you can experiment with two amplifiers to get stereo output. Output A gives you the wet signal while Output B gives you the dry signal.

When used in a wet/dry setup, you will get a more vibrant sound that would not be drowned by your chorus effect.

Sound Quality

Filtering your lows will give an advantage when you are mixing your chorus with a distortion.

The notes would not be muddied and would still penetrate through even when you switch your distortion and chorus on.

The filter allows you to have more control over your signal frequency.

You can crank the highs for pronounced guitar solos, or you can boost your lows for a fatter and richer sound.

The only limit is your imagination.

Boss CE-5 Stereo Chorus Ensemble Pedal
  • Stereo Chus Ensemble Pedal f Guitar
  • Mono input and Stereo outputs for connection to dual amps or for studio use

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  • This product is made and manufactured by a trusted brand.
  • Troubleshooting and repair is easier with analog pedals.
  • Like the CH1, this device has stereo output.
  • You can run this pedal with a 9v battery.
  • Low cut and high cut gives you better control over your frequency.


  • The filter control can be a little tricky for beginners.

Some Other Outstanding Chorus Pedals From BOSS

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In Summary

There’s no doubt that both guitar pedals are amazingly built. Coming from a reputable company, you are sure that you will be getting high-quality guitar pedal.

Both are priced the same which kind of makes deciding a bit difficult.

For beginners, Boss CH-1 will be a little easier to use because it only has 4 pedals.

However, for experienced users, having a low cut and high cut can prove to be more valuable.

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