How To Lower The Action On An Acoustic Guitar?

how to lower the action on an acoustic guitar?

Lowering the action of your acoustic guitar is quite a lot complicated than its more advanced electric guitar counterpart. The thing is, electric guitars, unlike acoustic guitars, have more machined pieces. This pieces are carefully screwed together and can be easily manipulated to lower or elevate the action of your electric guitar. However, on your acoustic guitar, things … Read more

Compressor Pedal: What It Does To Your Music?

What Does A Compressor Pedal Do?

Playing with a band in a live performance is not as easy as Rock stars make it look like. Yes, I know you too have encountered problems on stage, especially on your mix. When you already have a decent selection of stompbox in front of you, controlling and mixing the volume becomes more crucial. If you are not … Read more

Classical Vs Acoustic Guitar: Which Is Better?

Classical Vs Acoustic Guitar

There are a lot of types of guitar today with different brands and a vast selection of models. The most typical starting level of them all, the classical and acoustic guitar. This is where it gets more confusing. If you were to choose between classical vs acoustic guitar, what will you pick? I know you want to make the … Read more

How To Intonate A Guitar In 5 Easy Steps?

How To Intonate A Guitar?

Have you ever experienced playing the guitar in front of a live audience just to find out that your guitar is out of tune a few songs after? I bet you managed to play a couple of songs, and your guitar worked just fine. But when it was time to play a song that requires you to … Read more