20 Best Reverb Pedals Review (Definitive List of 2021)

The language of music is fascinating, don’t you think?

Sometimes, even without words, it elicits emotions from the depths of the soul!

What makes great music?

Well, it’s a complex combination of skills, talent, right instruments, right guitar effects, and passion!

The best reverb pedal can fill the air and envelope the whole piece to give out a sound that is full to the ears.

The reverb pedal is a famous guitar effect that almost if not all guitarists use.

Some other instruments use this too to swell their frequency and give that airy effect.

Top 20 Best Reverb Pedals Review of 2020

Now, here’s the part you have been waiting for! I will reveal details about the top 20 reverb pedals.

I hope this will help you decide which one is best for your setup!

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini

TC Electronic is one of the most recognized guitar pedal brands in the market.

They are most notably known for their toneprint technology.

Their toneprint pedal series have unlocked a whole new, different dimension of guitar effects.

This allows you to edit your tone using your mobile handheld device and beam it to your pedal.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb pedal review

This pedal comes from TC Electronic’s toneprint series.

Essentially, aside from the default settings you get on your pedal, you will also have access to presets from the app and edit your own customized tones.

It has a mini USB port that you can use to connect with your mobile device.

It has one ¾ inch jack for input and one for output.

This Hall of Fame mini is housed in a small red enclosure fashioned with just one knob.

TC Electronic made sure that this is the simplest pedal you can get.

As simple as it can get with the default setting, toneprint allows you to edit and customize parameters and beam it to your guitar pedal.

Without beaming parameters from your mobile app, this product gives you a classic large hall reverb.

This pedal only runs on a 9V dc power supply which is not included in the package.


  • This guitar pedal will not take much space in your rig.
  • It only has one knob which makes it easy to use.
  • This pedal is integrated with toneprint technology.
  • You can use the toneprint app to edit, and load presets.
  • This pedal has a clean large hall reverb characteristic.


  • The toneprint editor may be a little intimidating for beginners.
  • This pedal doesn’t have  stereo output.

Zoom ZMS70CDR MS-70CDR MultiStomp

Zoom is a Japanese company that has been in the professional audio effects and handheld recorders, and audio processors for 35 years.

They are most notably known for their multi-effects in the guitar industry.

Zoom ZMS70CDR MS-70CDR MultiStomp review

This multi-effect is housed in a single-stomp pedal that has multiple controls and adjustable parameters to give you the effects you need.

It has 29 different reverbs that you could choose from.

Whatever mood you are in, there will be a perfect effect for you!

Aside from the 29 reverb effects it comes with, you will also get 16 choruses, 26 delays, and 15 more effects that would add flavor to your music.

This pedal has two inputs and two outputs.

You can use a stereo setup to get a better sound out of your guitar.

This pedal can run on a 9V DC adapter or 2AA batteries.

To make things better, you can link up to 6 effects in a single chain.

You also get to bank up to 50 patches and cycle through them while playing live.


  • This multi-effect is housed in a small pedal enclosure that contains tons of reverbs and other guitar effects.
  • This powerful pedal can run on batteries.
  • You can link up to 6 effects in one chain.
  • This pedal can save up to 50 patches, and you can easily cycle through all of them.
  • This multi-effect pedal eliminates the need for many pedals on your rig.
  • This product has an option for stereo output.


  • The complexity of this guitar pedal is not advisable for beginners.
  • You need to pre-configure and plan your effects carefully before your gig because tweaking it live may be a bit difficult.

Boss RV-6

Boss manufactures effects and multi-effects for electric guitars and basses.

They are one of the companies that have revolutionized the guitar effects industry.

Since their establishment in 1973, they have come a long way and have designed a long list of guitar effects pedal that many musicians have fallen in love with.

Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb review

This product stems out from RV-2 which was released in 1989.

Now, RV-6 is an improved version of that.

With Boss’s extensive experience in the industry, they have managed to create iconic guitar effects.

This pedal has seven modes that you could choose from.

You can set your reverb to spring, hall, room plate, shimmer, modulate, and delay, and dynamic to add flavor to your output.

It has three knobs to control your parameters.

This product has two inputs and two outputs for your stereo mode.

Aside from that, Boss decided to design it with an expression pedal input to help you adjust how much reverb you want for every part of the song.

This pedal can be powered by a 9v battery or a 9v DC power supply.


  • This digital pedal is easy to use.
  • It has an expression pedal input to control the level of your reverb on the fly.
  • It has an option for stereo output.
  • Boss is known for quality.
  • Shimmer and dynamic modes give you best ambient music.
  • It doesn’t have a pre-delay parameter that gives a realistic audio frequency reflection.


  • The sound of this reverb may be a little outdated for modern musicians.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2

Hall of Fame has garnered so much success that TC Electronic had to make a portable version of it.

Many guitarists loved how Hall of Fame sounds.

The success of Hall of Fame prompted TC Electronic to improve what is already amazing and bring out the extraordinary.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal review

This pedal fashion the familiar look of the original Hall of Fame.

However, it has a lot more to offer than what you might expect.

This pedal feature 11 modes.

You can choose between spring, hall, room, plate, church, modulation, lofi, and shimmer.

Yep! TC Electronic decided to include shimmer reverb on this pedal.

Now, to give the best value for money, this pedal has three modes for your toneprint.

You can beam and bank up to three custom toneprint modes with dedicated stops on your mode dial.

It has the same three knobs to adjust your parameters.

This pedal has 2instrument inputs and two outputs for stereo mode.

Lastly, to make this pedal one of a kind, TC Electronic features mash technology that acts like an expression pedal.

This pedal has a pressure sensitive footswitch that acts as an expression pedal.

It reacts to how much pressure you give to it.

You can easily get swelling reverbs with this effect without using a separate expression pedal.

It runs on 9v DC power supply or a 9V battery.


  • If you loved the original Hall of Fame, you would be delighted with this pedal.
  • This pedal has a stereo output for dramatic reverbs.
  • This guitar pedal features three toneprint slots presets.
  • You get a total of 11 reverb modes with just one pedal.
  • Toneprint gives you unlimited mods and customization.
  • The footswitch features “mash” technology that responds to pressure and functions as an expression pedal.


  • Toneprint may be confusing for beginners.
  • Although mash is a great idea, an expression pedal is still easier to control.

MXR M300

MXR was founded by two high school students 46 years ago.

The small business started with stereo and other audio equipment repairs.

Their initial success with their low-key engagement inspired them to design guitar pedals.

Some series of unfortunate events led the company to be acquired by Dunlop Manufacturing in 1987.

MXR M300 Reverb review

MXR’s M300 contains six high-fidelity reverb effects that take your guitar playing to a whole new, different level.

Just looking at the enclosure suggests that MXR keenly paid attention to detail.

From afar, the pedal looks black and simple, but up close, the details resemble that of the stars in the galaxy!

This pedal has a spring, plate, room, epic, mod, and pad reverb selections.

It has two knobs to that controls the level of decay and your effects volume level.

The third knob sets adjust the tone and functions as the selector that cycles between your six reverb options.

Each option has a distinct flavor that will improve your music’s overall desirability.

The PAD mode gives a synth like reverb that has mesmerizing long trails.

This mode is excellent for ambient and worship music.

This pedal has one input for instrument and one signal output.

It has a dedicated input for your expression pedal that can give you control over the amount of reverb for every section of your piece!


  • This pedal emulates the reverb mods of high-end racks.
  • This single guitar effect pedal has six modes you could choose from.
  • The PAD mode is an excellent choice for ambient music and worship music.
  • MXR fitted this guitar pedal with an expression pedal extension for precise control over your reverb.
  • This pedal is enclosed in a mesmerizing black galaxy design.


  • The modes you get are quite limited.
  • Selecting your mode with a push switch means you would be cycling through all the modes before getting to your selected preset.
  • It doesn’t have an option for stereo output.

Catalinbread Talisman

Catalinbread is an aspiring guitar effect pedal manufacturer that boasts limited and hand-built effects processors.

Unlike the established giants, Catalinbread has a limited selection as of today.

However, many guitarists and bassists are starting to notice their top-notch hand-built quality and extended warranty.

Catalinbread Talisman review

This pedal features a classic plate reverb sound.

It has five knobs that let you control the mix or the amount of effects mixed with your raw input, volume, time, pre-delay, and a highpass filter.

The configuration gives you a good amount of control over your output.

This pedal has an eerie design that matches its name, Talisman.

The time or decay gives you that eerie sound when playing pieces in minor keys.

The highpass filter takes out annoying high-frequency signals and cleans your output.

This product has one input and one output that has no option for a dry/wet setup.

It only operates on 9-18V DC power input and no battery option.


  • This product has a  highpass filter.
  • This guitar pedal is easy to use with its simple configuration.
  • Every Catalinbread product comes with a three-year warranty.


  • The position of the power input unorthodox.
  • It doesn’t operate on battery.
  • This product does not have an option for stereo output.

Red Panda Context

Red Panda is another small guitar effects pedal company that focuses on experimental signal processing.

They pay attention to what the big companies are not focusing on.

The founders are fond of warping, twisting, and bending futuristic sounds.

This motivated them to share their work with their fellow musicians.

Red Panda Context review

Red Panda chose a larger housing to fit the circuitry of this effects processor.

The black galaxy-like paint is adorned with varying sizes of circles that is somehow hypnotizing.

It has four knobs that tweaks and adjusts your parameters and one knob that selects the type of reverb.

Context has five classic and commonly used reverbs that will add color to your music and one delay mode.

For experienced musicians, you can drown in infinite shimmering reverb with the right decay settings.

The vibrant color and tone it produces is something that would help you create mesmerizing tracks.

This pedal has one input and one output.

It can be powered by a 9V DC adapter.

Although, this guitar effects pedal does not operate on battery.


  • This guitar effects processor has 6 modes in a single pedal.
  • This pedal has a delay mode.
  • Operating this pedal is relatively easy.


  • This guitar effects processor only runs on DC power.
  • It’s larger than your average guitar pedal and may consume a little more space on your pedal rail.
  • This pedal cannot be configured in stereo mode.

EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser

EarthQuaker Devices is a group of dedicated people that are fond of building guitar pedals the hard way.

This passionate company makes sure that every device that comes out of their production is carefully crafted and passes extensive testing and quality control.

Although they are a small company, they find joy in what they do more than their revenue.

EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser Modulated Reverb review

This 6-knob reverb pedal is a work of art.

This modulated reverb is unlike many others you have listened to.

With the huge selection of products in the market, EarthQuaker Devices chose to be unique.

They did not settle with what’s common and went full-on extraordinary.

This pedal gives a dreamy reverb that does not resemble the classics.

Its unique sound will transport you to a different dimension that is pleasing but hard to explain.

It has an expression pedal input that lets you sweep and swell your reverb for a more dramatic effect.

You can control the parameters of this product by tweaking the decay, frequency, rate, mix, darkness, and warp.

The darkness knob functions as your tone control.

Warp modulates the sound and gives it more character as you give it a turn.

This product has one instrument input, one signal output, one expression pedal input, and one 9V DC power input.

However, this effects processor cannot run on battery.


  • This product gives you a dreamy reverb.
  • Warp mode sends you to a different dimension and unlocks a new way to refine your audio signal.
  • An expression pedal can be attached to this guitar effects and give you an option to adjust the lever of reverb on the fly.


  • This pedal does not operate on battery.
  • This guitar effects processor only has one type of reverb on it.
  • It has no stereo function.

Catalinbread Topanga

Among the small contenders out there, Catalinbread has proven itself a good choice.

They specialize on what is not mainstream and cater musicians who are looking or something that is extraordinary.

They have a selection of reverb pedals that will swell your signal and fill your audience’s ears.

Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb review

Topanga is derived from the iconic and popular spring reverb of the 60s.

This classic product is housed in a two-tone moss green and orange enclosure that gives you the feel of the 60s.

It has four knobs that control the mix, volume, tone, and dwell. Dwell determines how long your reverb vibrates.

It recreates that classic enclosed spring reverb that adds a warm tone to your shimmer.

This pedal has one instrument input and one signal output.

It operates on 9V DC power, but Catalinbread omitted the option to use this pedal with batteries.


  • This product recreates the iconic spring reverb of the 60s.
  • The dwell knob gives warmth to your signal output.
  • This guitar pedal is easy to operate.


  • This effects pedal does not have an option for battery operation.
  • Only operates on mono.
  • This pedal does not have other modes other than spring.

Caroline Guitar Company Météore

Caroline Guitar Company is a low-profile guitar effects manufacturer that designs and creates effects processors in small batches.

They passionate about their trade and does not aim for huge commercialization.

They cater to small orders at a time to make sure that everything they craft has a top-notch quality that surpasses mainstream guitar effects.

Caroline Guitar Company Météore Lo-Fi Reverb review

This guitar pedal is built with space as its inspiration.

The name Météore fits what this effects processor can do.

It has four knob, one flip switch, and two footswitches that lets you calibrate your settings carefully and precisely.

The controls are pretty straightforward. The upper left knob controls the level of your effects.

The upper right knob controls how much reflection or reverb you will have.

The lower left knob controls the decay and adds a bit of harmonics to your output.

The last knob determines how huge is the space you are simulating.

Stepping on the havoc switch gradually increases your reverb and drives it to the limits.

This gives a dreamy swelling effect that adds more character and color to your audio output.

The flip switch cycles between lighter and darker tone.

This pedal has one instrument and one output.

It doesn’t operate on battery and only works with 9V DC power adapter.


  • This product has a special footswitch that will generate havoc.
  • It gives an outer-space like output that is best for futuristic soundtracks.


  • This guitar effect only has one mode.
  • You can’t run this on battery.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame

TC Electronics has dominated the reverb pedal industry with their product.

This model is the first version of the Hall of Fame.

Truly, their dedication to excellence has led them to create a few of the best reverb pedals that many musicians have on their rig.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame review

This product is housed in its iconic red enclosure with four knobs.

Three of those knobs control your parameters.

One knob is dedicated to dialing ten modes and one toneprint.

The toneprint is an excellent mod that allows you to download presets from the app or customize your own reverb effect.

With ten reverb models and one slot for your toneprint, you have virtually endless possibilities and variations that are perfect for every type of music you play.

This product gives you versatility and a ton of options to choose from.

It has two inputs and two outputs for your stereo mode.

It has a USB-A input for updating the pedal’s software.

It can run on 9V DC power supply.

However, the circuitry inside the enclosure is too big to fit a battery.


  • TC Electronic is one of the top brands that manufacture guitar effects pedal.
  • This product has ten modes you could choose from.
  • With the toneprint technology, you can beam customized reverbs or presets from the mobile app.
  • This guitar pedal has stereo output mode that will enhance your amplifier setup and give a better reverb projection.


  • This product does not have a slot for battery.
  • Does not come with power supply.

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano

Electro-Harmonix is one of the oldest guitar pedal manufacturers in the world.

They started to get their recognition in the late 60s for the “Big Muff.”

This inspired them to design guitar effects that would be known as classics today.

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano review

Holy Grail Nano is a single-knob reverb that has three modes.

The first mode is a classic spring reverb that adds shimmer to your piece.

The next mode is classic hall reverb that emulates sound projection on a large hall.

The last mode is called Flerb. This is a combination of flange and reverb.

The Flerb is a unique reverb that adds a bit of modulation to your signal.

This can give a cool emphasis on one of your lines while playing live.

The single knob makes this pedal very easy to use.

You only need to dial one knob to control your reverb.

It’s just the mode selector and the amount of reverb you need to be concerned about.

This pedal has one output and one input.

It doesn’t operate on battery, but it comes with a 9V power supply.


  • This product is manufactured by one of the oldest guitar effects manufacturer in the world.
  • This single pedal has three modes you could choose from.
  • The “Flerb” gives you a unique tone that adds color and flavor to your piece.
  • This product comes with a power supply.
  • With one knob, this pedal is very easy to use.


  • For professionals, the one-knob setup can be a little limiting.
  • It doesn’t have a slot for battery.
  • This pedal does not support stereo mode.

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Neo

Electro-Harmonix has a long list of iconic pedals that musicians have fallen in love with.

Their first few analog pedals are even a favorite until today.

They also have an extensive line of reverbs.

This next pedal is another Holy Grail with newer features.

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Neo Reverb pedal review

This Holy Grail has the same features the Nano has.

However, they removed the “Flerb” mode and replaced it with plate reverb.

The plate reverb is a classic sound that gives a shimmering sound.

It still has one knob to control the amount of reverb


  • This guitar pedal is simple to use.
  • You get the authentic plate reverb with this model.
  • This effects pedal has three modes you could choose from.
  • It also comes with a power supply.


  • Does not have an option for wet/dry setup.
  • This pedal does not have a slot for battery.
  • The single knob setup is quite limiting for advanced users.

TC Electronic T2

Aside from the Hall of Fame and the long list of pedals that TC Electronic has designed over the years, there is another type of reverb that musicians have been praising.

Their success led them to become one of the best in the industry.

TC Electronic T2 Reverb review

T2 is enclosed in a gorgeous black housing that has three knobs that adjusts the parameter of your reverb.

It has one dedicated knob selector that cycles between 11 modes.

Eight of the eleven modes are named with roman numerals.

Each of the eight has a unique flavor that brings shimmer and modulation to your signal.

The E1 and E2 mode stands for ethereal and will give you the chills!

These modes will give you chilly thriller sound effects that can give you the creeps.

Lastly, the last mode, TP, stands for toneprint.

This allows you to make use of TC Electronic’s app to brew your own reverb and beam it to your pedal.

This model has two inputs and two outputs.

This allows you to do a two amp setup for astounding reverb projection.

It can operate on battery or 9V DC power supply.


  • This pedal has a total of 11 modes you could choose from.
  • The ethereal mode is a great tool to record creepy sound effects.
  • This model can accommodate stereo mode.
  • This guitar pedal can run on DC power or battery.
  • It has a stylish outer appearance.


  • Naming the modes, instead of the roman numerals, would make this pedal easier to operate.
  • Some modes are not really applicable in live gigs.

TC-Helicon Mic Mechanic 2

TC Helicon is a subsidiary of TC electronics from Canada.

This company specializes in harmonizers, pitch correctors, speakers, and other audio processors.

Since it’s a subsidiary of TC Electronics, you can only expect top-notch quality from this product line.

TC-Helicon Mic Mechanic 2 review

It is designed to enhance vocal performance.

It is enclosed in a red housing with three knob controls.

It has a footswitch that turns the effect on and off.

This switch can also be used as a tap tempo to control the delay feature of the pedal.

The knobs control the amount of delay, echo, and correction.

Delay controls the amount of time before the reverb shimmers.

The last knob controls pitch correction.

This pedal has one XLR input and one XLR output.

It can operate on a USB-B power supply or 4 pieces AA batteries.


  • This pedal is an excellent choice to enhance vocal performance.
  • This adds reverb and gives your vocal output the illusion of performing on a large space.
  • The delay knob adds an interesting flavor to your performance.
  • This pedal runs on USB-B chargers.
  • You can operate this pedal with batteries.


  • XLR input and output limits you from using ¾ inch jacks.
  • Some modes have an artificial feel for vocals.

Eventide Space

Eventide is almost half a century in the market of audio processors and other audio equipment.

They are one of the pioneers of revolutionizing the digital audio processor industry.

They specialize in designing audio processors that can be used to enhance recordings, post-production, and reproduction.

Eventide Space Reverb Pedal review

Eventide is a trusted brand that specializes in high-end machines.

This pedal is fitted with their high-end technology.

It is known for its space-like effect.

This pedal has 11 knobs, an analog display, and two footswitches.

The sound quality it produces is one of those you could find on rack-mounted audio processors that are commonly used in professional recording studios.

This pedal has a USB interface that lets you upload presets and customized settings from your computer.

It has classic reverb flavors like hall, spring, plate, and room.

Aside from the classics, Eventide included reverse reverb effect, dualverb, blackhole, and other modulated reverb.

The selection is endless, and many advanced users would go crazy about it!

It has two inputs, two outputs for stereo mode, USB input, AUX Switch input, and an expression pedal input for extended function.


  • This guitar effects pedal has a rack-mounted audio processor sound quality.
  • The variations and combination of effects are limitless.
  • It has an  LED display that shows what mode you are on.
  • This pedal has a stereo mode.
  • You can attach an expression pedal for swelling reverb.


  • If you don’t have enough space on your rig, this pedal may not fit in.
  • With the insane number of control parameters, this may not be ideal for beginners.

Source Audio Ventris Dual Processor

Source Audio was founded thirteen years ago by Lee Partners, Thomas H, and Kurzweil to bring innovation to the audio effects industry.

They pioneered the Hot Hands Motion-Sensing ring that triggers and tweaks guitar effects with hand gestures.

Source Audio Ventris Dual Processor Reverb review

As the name suggests, this model offers two reverbs in one pedal.

As expected, it has a larger enclosure to accommodate the circuitry of two pedals in one housing.

It has six knobs for parameter controls, one mode selector knob, and one preset button.

This pedal has a three-mode flip switch that cycles between Reverb A, A+B, and B.

This piece of gadget has 12 modes, 20 engines, 128 presets, and the combination of functions that are only limited to your imagination.

It also has a tap tempo function for the echoverb.

The right footswitch can also hold your reverb or build it up depending on your selected option.

This product is able to create mesmerizing sound with its long list of functions.

A few of the most noteworthy function it has is its cascading reverb made possible by activating two reverbs at once.

This pedal has two inputs and two outputs.

It has an expression pedal input that would give you better control over your swells.

Lastly, it has a Neuro mobile and desktop application that can help you edit presets and upload your customized reverb on the pedal.


  • This guitar effect functions as two reverb in one enclosure.
  • It has tons of functions that would dramatically improve your ambient music playing.
  • The Neuro editor app for mobile and desktop expands the functionality of this pedal.
  • It has an expression pedal input.
  • This guitar pedal has a tap tempo.


  • This guitar effects pedal is not beginner friendly.
  • It doesn’t operate on batteries.

Wampler Ethereal

Wampler Pedals is established by Brian Wampler because of his love for the tone of the music.

His company started out as a hobby and eventually became a hit in the music industry.

He is an icon in the guitar pedal DIY community and has inspired many to create their own guitar effects.

Wampler Ethereal Delay and Reverb Pedal review

Ethereal is not your ordinary guitar effects pedal.

This effects processor is housed in a regular-sized enclosure and has five knobs that control your parameters.

It has a push selector that cycles between the delay mode.

The two layers of delay and reverb add shimmer and reflection to your output that would fill the air and mesmerize your listeners.

The triplet and dotted eight gives your delay an interesting rhythm and adding that to a layer of reverb makes an astounding musical experience.

This product features a switch on the side that enables you to modify your footswitch from true bypass to buffered bypass mode.

If you are frequently turning your reverb on and off, you can switch to buffered bypass to leave your trails when you turn the effects off.


  • It gives interesting rhythm and shimmering ambient music.
  • This pedal has an option for buffered bypass or true bypass mode.
  • It brings out mesmerizing ambient music.


  • This pedal does not have a stereo mode.
  • It only operates on 9V DC power supply.
  • This guitar effects processor is limited to one type of reverb.

EarthQuaker Devices Levitation V2

Here’s another cool reverb effect from EarthQuaker Devices.

This is the second product from this company that made it to this top 20!

EarthQuaker Devices Levitation V2 Reverb review

It is derived from the spring reverb.

However, it would not be unique if its just spring reverb in it.

This pedal is inspired by the atmosphere, and the creators wanted to give the feeling of floating or levitating on excellent musical experience.

The unique tone it creates is like a mix of plate and spring reverb on a different level.

It has four knobs that tweak your parameters and lets you control how much effect you mix with your dry signal.

Aside from the mix, decay, and tone knob, they added an atmosphere knob.

The atmosphere knob reflects the shimmer back to the original signal that creates this cascading ethereal effect.


  • This product creates angelic and warm cascading trails.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Activating this effect gives you a dense output full to the ears.


  • Compared with modern multi-reverb pedals, this pedal lack variety.
  • It cannot accommodate stereo mode.
  • It doesn’t work on batteries.

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Do you know some products that would fill the air with mesmerizing music more than the pedals listed here?

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Meanwhile, check out which reverb pedal works best for every scenario!

Best Reverb Pedals For Acoustic Guitar

Performing with your acoustic guitar in a band or solo requires some guitar effects to bring tone and music to greater heights.

Here are some recommendations that will brighten your guitar tone and give character to your music.

  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2

Hall of Fame is loaded with classic reverbs that mimic hall, room, spring, plate, and church.

Just enough to give your acoustic guitar more presence that would not overwhelm other guitarists in the band.

When playing solo, a simple hall, plate, or room reverb would allow your guitar sound to occupy more space and fill the air.

  • Boss RV-6

Boss’s RV-6 is another classic pedal that has classic reverbs on it.

The same with the previous model, it has room, hall, plate, and spring reverb that would enhance your guitar output in a band or when playing solo.

In an acoustic guitar, you might not have use of the futuristic reverbs and effects, especially in a band.

  • MXR M300

If you want a simple guitar effect pedal that would add reverb to your output, MXR M300 only has one knob!

You don’t need extensive knowledge about guitar pedal operation for this to work with your acoustic guitar!

Well, you really don’t need many guitar effects on your rig for your acoustic guitar.

However, a reverb pedal would greatly improve your tone.

Best Reverb Pedal For Bass

Bass guitars don’t really use much reverb to envelop the whole room during a performance.

But, a little would make your tone more pronounced.

  • MXR M300

A little bit of M300’s reverb gives you that swollen bass tone.

No need for fancy reverb pedals with confusing parameters.

For bass players, a hall or a spring reverb would do fine.

The one-knob operation makes it a lot easier to dial how much reverb you add to your dry signal.

Best Reverb Pedal For Vocals

For most parts, the vocal signal is processed through audio processors behind the scene during live performances.

However, in smaller gigs, a reverb effect would enhance your singing voice.

  • TC-Helicon Mic Mechanic 2

This pedal is designed to give your vocal signal reverb.

For singers, this would help you fill the atmosphere with your voice.

Clean signal is essential for recording vocal parts.

It will then be post-processed and enhanced.

However, for live performances, a reverb pedal will enhance your tone and fill the atmosphere with a wet output.

Best Reverb Pedals For Ambient

Synthesizers are one of the best instruments to create ambient music.

However, with the availability of multi-function reverbs that can accommodate layers of mods, creating ambient music with electric guitars is possible.

  • Eventide Space

Professional musicians would agree that Eventide space is an excellent choice for ambient music.

It has 12 modes that you could choose from and 11 knobs to tweak your reverb.

This gives you the ability to fine-tune your tone just the way you like it.

  • Source Audio Ventris Dual Processor

If one reverb pedal makes great ambient music, imagine what two pedals could do?

Source Audio’s Ventris Dual Processor is a combination of two reverb pedals in one.

It can overlap two distinct reverb effects to give you that oscillating and airy ambient sound.

Best Reverb Pedals For Worship

Excellent worship music that pierces the heart and soul is sang in a dramatic backdrop.

That shimmering backdrop is made using a combination of reverb, delays, swells, and other techniques.

With the right guitar pedal, you will be able to play music that transcends the soul.

  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2

TC Electronic’s Hall of Fame 2 is a favorite among church musicians.

It has classic modes that are a surefire way to create that dramatic shimmering ambient music.

The toneprint feature that comes with it is a huge bonus.

When you get tired of the classics, you can download presets or design your own reverb effect and add it to your music.

  • Boss RV-6

Another classic guitar effect that would help your audience reconnect with the Almighty during worship is Boss’s RV-6.

It also features the classic reverb effects from the 60s plus a few modern mods.

Best Reverb Pedal For Synth

Synthesizers are known for creating an airy sound that lingers and shimmers.

With the appropriate guitar pedal, you can copy that synth-like sound too!

  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2

With Hall of Fame 2, you can create synth-like tracks.

You can crank the decay knob to get long oscillating trails.

If you set your pre-delay to long, you would have a long feedback loop that would fill the air.

Selecting a Reverb Pedal on a Budget

Best Reverb Pedal Under $100

  • Hall of Fame Mini

For some musicians, especially if you are just starting out in your career, buying expensive guitar effects may not be practical.

But hey, you need a few to get you started!

Guitar effects would greatly enhance your raw signal and give it more character.

If you don’t have that much to spend on guitar effects, you can get a few second-hand units under a hundred, depending on the model.

But if you want a brand new unit for that price, Hall of Fame Mini by TC Electronics would be a great choice.

With toneprint, you could beam custom reverbs or presets from your mobile or desktop app.

Best Reverb Pedals Under $200

For less than two hundred bucks, you could have a great reverb pedal that will serve you a lot of purposes!

  • Hall of Fame

With less than 200, you get a stereo pedal with ten modes!

Hall of Fame has ten classic modes that can be practically used in many genres of music.

Aside from the ten modes, it has one slot to bank your toneprint.

You can make the most out of this pedal by utilizing their toneprint technology and beaming custom tones or presets to your guitar pedal.

  • Boss RV-6

Your next contended for the best reverb pedal under 200 bucks is Boss’s RV-6.

It has eight modes you could choose from that will give life to your ambient music.

Best Reverb Pedals Under $300

For a generous budget, you would land yourself an excellent reverb pedal that would add your unique character and taste to your music output.

If you have this much cash to spend on reverb pedals, you may want to look at the following.

  • TC Electronic T2

T2 is one of the best, and fanciest guitar reverbs out there.

Aside from being stylish, it has eight unique reverb modes and two modulated ethereal sounding reverb.

The great thing about TC Electronic is its toneprint technology.

If the default reverbs built-in your guitar pedal is not enough, you can design your own and beam it on your effects processor.

  • EarthQuaker Devices Levitation V2

With your budget, Levitation V2 is within your reach.

The airy, ethereal, mesmerizing, shimmering, oscillating reflections it can create amazing ambient filling the air.

Best Mini Reverb Pedal

Among the selection presented in this list, there is only one mini pedal that qualified as the best mini reverb pedal.

  • TC Electronic HOF Mini

Its compact size would not consume much space on your pedal train.

If can’t afford to bring your whole pedal train on a particular night, you won’t have trouble bringing this guitar pedal with you because it can literally fit on your pocket!

Best Analog Reverb Pedal

If you are planning on recording your music, one of the best and clearest signal you can have is an analog signal.

  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame

This pedal follows an analog circuitry that will preserve your raw signal and mix the effect.

This results in clear and defined tones.

When used in recording, you will have an easier time in processing your signal.

Best Spring Reverb Pedal

If you can’t get enough of the 60s and 70s tone, a spring reverb should be in your arsenal.

Here’s my recommendation.

  • Catalinbread Topanga Spring

This product may not be from one of the huge guitar pedal manufacturers out there, but, they have made a name for themselves.

This spring reverb is a remarkable effects pedal that creates that retro feel of the 60s and the 70s.

It’s simple to use and exudes astounding airy and bouncy sound.

Best Plate Reverb Pedal

Another amazing reverb pedal from the past is plate reverb.

Before the modern digital reverbs, this is one of the most utilized reverbs during the 60s and 70s.

  • Catalinbread Talisman Classic

This dedicated plate reverb will blast you back to the past with its amazing reverb.

This effects processor will swell your raw signal and create that illusion of playing in a huge place.

The pre-delay setting gives you that hypnotic reflecting sound.

What is a Reverb?

Reverb, or reverberation, is a naturally occurring effect in large halls, gyms, enclosed spaces, and even the bathroom.

This effect has been reproduced in many ways since the invention of effects that alter instrument or vocal signals.

Reverberation is the persistence of the sound after its initial production.

When a musical instrument is played, the sound travels in all directions.

This audio frequency will hit surfaces and will be bounced like an echo.

However, because the delay of the sound being bounced is too little, we don’t hear reverb like an echo.

Instead, we hear the reflected sound with a very little delay like a shimmer.

When an audio signal with enough amplitude hits a surface, the same frequency is bounced back in different directions.

High amplitude signals will have longer reflections or decay.

Low amplitude signals will have shorter decay and would die down quickly or may not even have reflections.

If you want to know more about how reverb works, you may want to watch below video to learn more.

Reverb adds a different timbre and color to your signal and makes it glow.

What To Look For In a Reverb

Because of the sheer number of reverbs in the market, finding the right one that suits your style can be a long and difficult process.

Good thing you decided to go to this page!

Let me help you with your dilemma.

What to look for in a reverb

I’ll give you a list of reverb pedals and describe their quality and advantages over the other models.

But first, let’s establish the features you may want your reverb pedal to help you narrow down which one is for you!

  • Stereo Out

One of the things you may want to look at, first, when checking out reverb pedals is stereo output.

If you are new to this, maybe you don’t have experience in setting up a guitar with two outputs.

For those who are familiar with the wet/dry setup, you may already know what difference it would make if you hook up your guitar with two outputs.

Long story short, one output will have the original signal mixed with the guitar effect while the other speaker will spew your clean signal.

You will have a fuller sound with your live performances!

  • Controls

For beginners who don’t know how to use and incorporate reverb yet, there are basic reverb pedals with one-knob in the market.

It’s pretty straightforward and very easy to use.

You won’t get wrong with it!

Just crank the knob to add more reverb or dial down to cut some of your effects.

Reverb pedals with three to four knobs are still user-friendly and easy to figure out.

Simple reverbs have a knob for the effects volume, pre-delay knob, and decay.

Some models have knobs for tone, and others have selector knobs for different types of reverb.

A reverb featuring selector knobs will give you a lot of timbre option in just one pedal.

  • Buffered Bypass

Nowadays, guitar pedals are commonly equipped with true bypass footswitches.

When deactivated, this turns off the effect, and your audio signal completely bypasses the circuit of the effect pedal.

This is the absolute solution that eliminated guitar pedals from sucking your tone even when turned off.

However, for some effects like delay, echo, reverb, and anything that leaves a trail of sound, this may be a bit of a disadvantage when you frequently turn them on and off.

Every sound that your pedal produces will be abruptly cut.

Can you imagine what happens to your wet signal when you abruptly turn it off?

You would lose your trail!

This is where buffered bypass footswitches come in handy.

When you switch your pedal off, your trail will gradually fade until it’s gone.

  • Modulated Reverb

Reverb is a simple guitar effect that inflates your clean signal, gives it a shine, and emulates the sound you produce on huge concert halls.

However, some pedal designer got bored with spring, hall, plate, dome, and all the conventional reverb and made some interesting modification.

You can find pitch shifting reverbs and some chorus-flavored reverb.

It’s like adding chorus and reverb at the same time with just one pedal.

There are other mods out there that make your reverb unique.

We’ll have a go at some of them on the review section.

Reverb Pedal vs. Amp Reverb

I know you may be wondering why you would need to have a reverb pedal on your rig when you already got one on your amp?

Well, if you already have a reverb effect on your amp, you can really skip the pedal.

You can dial your amp reverb and go on with your gig.

However, if you need to adjust your parameters, you would need to be close to your amp.

Also, if you need to turn your reverb on and off, you would need to be in your amp’s proximity.

reverb pedal vs amp reverb

Also, you are limited to what your amp can provide you.

Some amps don’t have multiple types of reverbs built-in.

You are stuck with a single type of reverb for the rest of your life!

On the other hand, a reverb pedal gives you more flexibility.

Your footswitch will let you turn your reverb on and off as needed.

You don’t need to be near your amp to dial parameters and modify your output signal.

Reverb pedals offer a wide selection of effects that add flavor to your music.

Most importantly, there are reverb pedals that offer you more than one type of reverb.

Oh! And one last thing! You can use any amp and hook-up your reverb!

How To Use a Reverb Pedal?

A reverb pedal is an essential guitar effect for guitarists.

It swells and adds character and color to your output signal.

Most reverb pedals come with basic controls such as vol, mix, decay, pre-delay, and tone.

With these parameters, you will be able to tweak your reverb the way you want it.

how to use a reverb pedal
  • Volume

The volume knob adjusts how loud your output is, simple as that.

  • Mix

Mix, or sometimes balance, control how wet your output will be.

This defines how much effect is added to your raw signal.

The higher setting means that your reverb will be more pronounced.

  • Decay

Decay, sometimes dell, determines how long your reverb will last.

A higher rate of decay will have trailing reflections while lower rate will give you short bounces.

  • Pre-Delay

The pre-delay adds a delay between your raw signal output and the effects output.

For example, if your pre-delay knob is set high, the space between hearing your raw output and the effects output will be more obvious.

  • Tone

Tone knob simply adjusts the brightness of your output.

When set high, you will have a brighter tone.

When you set this low, your output will be muddy.

How Does Reverb Pedal Work?

The shimmering reverb is achieved by the guitar pedal by processing the raw signal and adding the effect to your output.

The original signal is replicated and reflected with microsecond delays that create distinct sparkling sound characteristic.

Because of that shining or shimmering effect, the guitar sound is generally improved and become fuller to the ears.

Usually, reverb pedals have at least three knobs that let you control the level, pre-delay time, and reverb time or decay.

Level controls how much reverb is mixed with your original signal.

The pre-delay time lets you control when the delay will be added to your original signal.

Shorter pre-delay time simulates the reverb of a small room.

On the other hand, a longer pre-delay time emulates a larger hall.

Lastly, decay determines the persistence of the reflection.

The length of the decay gives a better color to your music.

Tips For Using Reverb Pedal

Utilizing guitar effects is an art.

It follows a certain method to make the most out of it.

You don’t just stick it to your pedal train and start cranking the knobs all the way up!

Here are some tips that might help you with the reverb.

  • Easy with the knobs!

Not all guitar effects are meant to be cranked high.

In fact, some effects work best when added in moderation.

The subtlety of the reverb has its own appeal.

When using reverb, make sure that you are appropriately tweaking your parameters according to the genre of music you are playing and what part you are playing on the band.

  • Two-amp setup

If you haven’t tried stereo mode, now is the time to do so.

Those ¾ inch outputs on your pedal are meant for something.

Having a clean signal on one amp and your wet signal on the other will bring you to a different dimension.

You should try it to know how it really sounds.

  • Listen carefully

Sometimes, it can be tempting to add more of your parameters to hear more of your sound.

However, during live performances, you should listen carefully to make sure that you are not overpowering your bandmates.

Oscillating, shimmering, reflecting, modulated, and other types of reverbs can easily overshadow your bandmates, especially if you are playing the ambient part.

  • Experiment with the decay

Long decay will add drama to your track.

Be very careful when using long decays.

You must never play dissonant notes, or you will have awful sounding trail!

Where To Place Reverb Pedal?

The best place for your reverb pedal is at the end of your chain.

Reverb should be added after compressing, driving, and modulating your signal.

Imagine if you place reverb before a distortion.

The reflections of your reverb would also be driven, and it may sound awful!

where to place reverb pedal

credit: roland.com

Always remember to put time-based guitar effects pedal at the end of your signal chain.


With a ton of reverb pedals in the market, choosing the best reverb pedal for your rig has gotten difficult!

Thanks to the internet, we can still narrow down what would work for you before you buy it.

To create amazing backing tracks and ambient music, reverb pedals are essential.

Classic reverbs would bring the 60s and 70s vibe.

The modern reverb variations would create mesmerizing tracks that would lead you to an out of this world trance.

With the right combination of skill, technique, and a mix of guitar effects, you can create transcending futuristic audio tracks!

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