The 5 Best Powered Speakers For Keyboards And Buying Guide

Finding the best powered speakers for keyboards can be a daunting task, with many options available. Some are surprisingly lightweight, whereas others have superb sound quality and versatility - luckily, we've got you covered!

Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade from your old speakers, our guide includes five top-rated powered speakers that span all budgets. Ready? Let's get started!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Speaker for Keyboard


A 12-inch woofer accompanied by smaller tweeters is the most common configuration among powered speakers.

Consequently, if you plan to buy this type of speaker, look for a unit with a midrange horn to deliver a higher frequency output.

It’s also worth mentioning that speakers with larger sizes aid in providing a better bass response. In some speaker cabinets, you will find holes placed in order to help protrude tones beyond the woofer level.

Thus, the construction also needs to be sturdy as you might need to move the device from place to place.

You often find the best powered speaker made from impact ABS materials used to make Lego pieces and even automobiles.

best keyboard speakers


Again, the number of outputs relies on the purpose of use. Some of the best speakers for digital piano have a ton of onboard equalizers, while others don’t.

If you’re performing live in front of thousands of people, it’s a good idea to get a speaker with multiple control knobs, which is often a speaker with a 5-band equalizer.


You may as well want to consider the number of channels a speaker has. The best keyboard speakers come with up to 4-channel mixers, which means it has the capacity to tackle a wide range of inputs and audio sources such as CD and MP3.

Subsequently, look at the capability to connect with other speakers in case you want to extend your speaker system.


Portability is another factor to consider. A speaker for your home studio or small gigs should be compact and lightweight.

On the other hand, speakers at events or concerts need more power, which explains why they’re more heavy and harder to haul.


The output is measured in decibels (dB), which tells how loud the speaker can get. If you want a device to serve big concerts or outdoor activities, opt for those with high decibel ratings.

Several models can reach up to 132dB. Nonetheless, if you only need it for indoor uses, lower decibels will work just fine and also save you some extra.

best speakers for digital piano


The power of your speaker is usually proportional to the size of your speaker. Larger crowds need a speaker with a high power rating; such models can offer up to 1000 watts of power.

We have included several options on the list down below.


Last but not least, the budget.

Before shopping for a powered speaker, you need to have a budget in mind because what’s the point of considering all the good options if you don’t have enough dough to buy.

The reliability of a product is equivalent to the budget. Investing in a good product may cost you more, but it will also ensure long-term durability.

The great price comes with great quality, they say. But that’s not always true. In fact, some of the options below are very budget-friendly, yet the performance is outstanding. Don’t believe us? Check them out!

Top 5 Best Powered Speakers For Keyboards

Edifier R1280T Powered Speakers - Best For The Budget

Let’s start our list today with a product from Edifier - the R1280T powered speaker.

First of all, this unit is ridiculously well-priced. In fact, the R1280T is the most budget-friendly option on this list. And the quality? It’s also on point.

Those who have a limited studio space will appreciate the compact size of these speakers, only 6.9 x 9.5 x 5.8 inches.

This device won’t take a large footprint in your studio. And it weighs just 10.8 pounds, allowing you to easily transport it from studio to home or vice versa.

Thanks to the 4-inch bass driver and a calibrated, flared bass reflex port, the bass notes come out rich and full of presence. It can be easily pushed, and the treble will still maintain a sense of balance.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t build your expectations too high. R1280T may be a good speaker for your TV or TV setup, but when it comes to working with keyboards, it is judged more carefully.

Significantly, when pushed at high volumes, the sound can get a little distorted.

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers - 2.0 Active Near Field Monitors - Studio Monitor Speaker - Wooden Enclosure - 42 Watts RMS
  • 2 x AUX INPUT - Convenient connection to any device that has a 3.5mm headphone output or dual RCA output. Connect to two devices via AUX at the same time, no plugging and switching needed.
  • STUDIO SOUND QUALITY - Natural sound reproduction from 13mm silk dome tweeter and 4 inch full range unit

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  • Good value for the money
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Offer rich lows and bright, clear highs
  • Adjustable bass and treble


  • Can be pushed to distortion at high volumes

Mackie Thump 12A Powered Speaker - Best Overall

While Mackie Thump 12A doesn’t offer the bells and whistles needed for some people, it still gets the job done nicely.

A noteworthy feature of this unit is the built-in 2-channel mixer with Vita preamps. It features a technology called Wide Z that allows it to tackle different types of sound sources.

The all-new and advanced amplifier design, together with Dynamic Bass Response technology, takes account for a fast and transient response, offering a specially more chest-thumping low end than you ever imagined.

What is more, the frequency response of 50Hz to 23kHz aids in creating absolutely transparent sounds.

Overall, the THUMP 12A is a very powerful, clear, and punchy unit that gives well-balanced mid lows, mids, and highs.

The most significant downside to this speaker is the sound quality. Thump 12A can put out some volume, but pushing it to the max can alter the sound quality to the point you cannot overlook.

Nonetheless, bass lovers will enjoy the meaty low end of the speaker.

MackieThump12BST Boosted - 1300W 12" Advanced Powered Loudspeaker (Single)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Control and Streaming
  • For Live Sound and Mobile Applications

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  • Affordable Powered Speaker
  • Lightweight And Portable
  • Loud Volume Output
  • Power Factor Correction


  • Slight plastic sound

Alto Professional TS308 Powered Speaker - Best For Volume (High)

Even though TS308 is labeled as ‘professional,’ we didn’t expect it to put out such power for an 8” speaker.

With a wide frequency range of 62 Hz to 20 kHz, this unit is just mind-blowing, especially the low ends. With the tight variance of ±3dB, you can rest assured that it creates flat and accurate sounds.

To our surprise, you can easily run this speaker (recommended in a pair) without a sub for a small crowd of 30-40 people in a non high energy setting. Just imagine how better it can get when you have subs on!

The impressive 2000W amplifier is meant to cater to a mass. The more power this amplifier, the louder and cleaner the sound it produces. And this wattage is not overpowered for the unit to prevent clipping.

Weighing just over 20 pounds, TS308 is just what you need at small concerts and weddings when you cannot carry terribly heavy gear. At this price range, you will not find a better sounding device than TS308.

This speaker doesn’t look cheap, and better yet, doesn’t sound cheap. We only wish that Alto would have kept the older shiny rigged plastic housing from previous models.

The plastic design gives a matte feel and can easily scuffs up, making it a deal-breaker for those who are keen on the looks.

Alto Professional TS308 | 2000 Watt 8 Inch 2 Way Powered PA Speaker with Integrated 2-Channel Mixer and Pole or Wedge Positioning Options
  • Superior PA Sound – 2000W (1300 LF plus 700 HF) active PA speaker with precision crossover and high-efficiency class D amplifiers
  • Driving Bass, Pristine Highs - 8-inch (305 mm) LF driver, 2.5-inch (76 mm) high-temperature voice coil; 1.4-inch (35 mm) neodymium magnet HF driver with precision wave guide

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  • Well-priced
  • Great volume
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Lows are a bit diminished

JBL 305PMKII Powered Speaker - Best To Use In Medium-Sized Studios

Next on the list, it’s the JBL 305PMKII powered speaker.

The greatest thing about JBL 305PMKII is its sound quality. Thanks to the exclusive patented Image Control Waveguide, the unit offers a wider soundstage than most studio monitors, making it ideal to use in medium to large-sized studio space.

As you plug in the speaker, you’ll be surprised at the clarity of this unit. It is able to deliver plenty of scope for your music, allowing for parts of tunes that are likely to be lost in the mix when using other audio gear.

What is more, the low-frequency response of 49 Hz – 20 kHz ±3dB is quite impressive as JBL spent some time working on this aspect.

Thanks to this feature, the bass notes come out deeper to the point that you can actually feel them rather than hearing them.

While die-hard audiophiles may not be impressed with this low-end emphasis, those who work with bass-heavy tracks will be intrigued with this unit.

Weighing just a bit more than 10 pounds, the unit strikes a great balance between the robust build quality without outrageous weight.

However, the deal-breaker to this unit may be the white noise coming out of the speaker, whether you have it on or off. This hiss is quite annoying, considering that the speaker is the second generation of the line.

JBL Professional 305P MkII Next-Generation 5-Inch 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor
  • MkII series features next-generation JBL transducers, new Boundary EQ, and a sleek new design.Waterproof : No
  • Updated HF and LF transducers: new design improvements result in optimized damping for superior transient response and impressive deep bass with lower harmonic distortion

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  • Good volume
  • Nice bass output
  • Good tuning options


  • Slight hiss

M-Audio BX5 D3 Powered Speaker - Best For Transparency

M-Audio has taken a step further in this studio monitor compared with its previous version - the BX5 D2.

BX5 D3 is a professional class speaker with an A/B bi-amplified design with a wide frequency response range of 52-35kHz, supporting a full spectrum.

Unlike some speakers on the market, the tweeter of BX5 D3 doesn’t make some of the resonances that can be heard from other tweeters.

All thanks to the 5-inch Kevlar low-frequency driver and 1-inch silk dome tweeter for defined lows and clear, smooth highs.

Not to mention, its OFC (Oxygen-free Copper) conductors offer high conductivity and support better low-frequency transferring, giving a completely transparent and flat sound that is good for critical observation and monitoring dynamic accuracy.

One of the complaints about this unit is that it doesn’t come with leads and adapters, so you’ll have to spend some extra on them. Also, the speaker can get quite hot after you use it for a long time, so be aware of that.

M-Audio BX5 D3-2-Way 5" Active Studio Monitors for Music Production/Mixing (Pair) and 5ft 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS Balanced Interconnect Cables (Pair)
  • Professional class A/B bi-amplified design with 100 watts of distributed power for studio-grade cohesive, accurate sound and ultra-wide range 52-35kHz frequency response covers full musical spectrum
  • Superior transparent sound quality: 5” low-frequency drivers with Kevlar cones for rich, defined lows and 1” high-frequency drivers with natural silk domes and computer optimized waveguides for smooth, clear highs

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  • Great bass response
  • Full sounding speaker
  • Can work with various applications


  • Not come with leads


Do You Need Speaker System For Keyboard?

Theoretically speaking, if you’re using a regular keyboard or a synthesizer, you don’t need to use a speaker. These devices work just fine as standalone units due to their built-in sounds.

Nonetheless, it is recommended that you use an amplifier with them if you are a producer and often work in big studios. The amplifier helps boost the sound from these devices so you can hear the track at whatever volume you like.

Now, powered speakers are a type of active speaker with a built-in amplifier that can be linked directly to a mixing console or other low-level audio signal sources. As a producer, you should totally use powered speakers for the ultimate hearing effect.

Can I Connect MIDI Keyboard To Speakers?

You can connect a MIDI controller to an amplifier or a speaker with a built-in amplifier. The process is rather easy.

Insert one side of the MIDI audio cable into your keyboard’s MIDI Out port and the other side into your amplifier’s MIDI In port. Next, plug in your amplifier, and you’re good to go!

How Do I Get The Best Sound From My Keyboard?

There are several ways to help you get the best sound for your keyboard, including:

  • Gain staging for keyboard rigs: You will achieve clean sound by setting the right volume at each stage in the audio chain. Proper sound gaining results in significantly enhanced performance of the keyboard.
  • Know your keyboard output options: Your keyboard will either have one or three outputs; don’t get mixed up between them.
  • Use a DI box: A DI box doesn’t cost that much. Technically, you don’t need it. However, once you start using it, you’ll never want to stop. It helps to reduce interference and maintain the integrity of the sound.
  • Upgrade your keyboard cables: Take time to look into reliable cable brands like Monster or ProCo. Don’t run your high-end keyboard through some gimcrack cables that you’ve had for a long time.

Final Verdict

We hope this article has been helpful in your search for the best powered speakers for keyboards. As you may have noticed, we’ve reviewed a variety of products to help you make an informed decision on which one is right for you.

If you haven't found what you were looking for yet, our personal favorite is the Mackie Thump 12A. The unit offers great value while not compromising sound quality or design details and can be used with both small and large setups alike.

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