Best Microphones for Beatboxing

Hip-hop is one of the most recognized cultures and art movements globally, and needless to say, it has had a real influence on our lives and the world over.

As this trend becomes mainstream, microphones for hip-hop music and beatboxing have turned out to be the most in-demand product in the music industry.

Therefore, today, to make it simpler for you to get one, we are going to present the best microphone for beatboxing.

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What Is Beatboxing?

Beatboxing is a popular yet unique practice that is commonly associated with hip-hop culture.

It primarily involves the art of mimicking drum machines by using the tongue, lips, voice, and mouths to replace other instruments.

It's always interesting to watch it being performed live or hearing how authentic and intriguing it sounds.

However, beatboxing itself isn't as complicated or complex as one might think.

You need to get used to lots of practice and rhythm control, but it can be done with time as long as you trust in yourself and the power of your voice as a tool for creating even non-vocalized music.

One thing that can help you practice more efficiently and subsequently perform beatboxing better is a good microphone.

That's why we think that this review of the top microphones for beatboxing will surely be beneficial to practitioners.

Best Microphones For Recording Beatboxing

Shure SM58-LC Cardioid Dynamic

What is the best microphone for beatboxing?

The answer to it is usually the SM58 from Shure, which is widely recognized as one of the best beatboxing mics in the world.

And there are many reasons for this.

First, one can't speak of the SM58 without mentioning its smart design with a narrow frame for easy handling.

Suppose your beatboxing style includes rough handling of the mic. In that case, it compensates for that with a built-in spherical wind and pop filter protected by a shock-absorbing mesh grille for very high durability.

No matter what condition, it can withstand it.

The Shure SM58 microphone has a uniform cardioid pickup pattern for maximum gain before feedback and excellent rejection of off-axis sounds, significantly reducing unwanted audio clutter.

The mic also boasts low bass frequencies, which helps you deliver a better beatboxing performance.

For effective control proximity effect, Shure SM58 has a low-cut bass roll-off for a great reduction of noise that usually happens when handling the mic.

It also features a brightened mid-range for enhanced depth, which accommodates a wide range of beatboxing styles.

One usual weakness with the SM58 mic is that the XLR cable that came with the package can arrive faultily and can be a bit too thin which hampers durability or connection.

You can get a replacement by contacting the manufacturer or get an extra just in case.

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  • Great voice clarity
  • Durable, excellent build quality
  • Dynamic, wide range
  • Uniform cardioid pattern for maximum gain without feedback
  • High noise reduction


  • Thin XLR cable

AKG D5 is easily the microphone with the best value for the money that you can get.

Even with the attractive price tag, AKG D5 sits comfortably at the top microphones list for beatboxing due to the fantastic quality and features it has.

Designed for both lead and backing vocal usages, AKG D5 is very suitable for beatboxing and can pick up even the smallest sounds.

The high fidelity it's able to produce additionally is also a feature that many beatboxers crave for.

Your beatboxing will be heard even on the noisiest stage.

In terms of sounds, the mic boasts a rugged die-cast build with a spring-steel wire-mesh grille that's able to withstand all live performances.

So rough handling won't be an issue. In addition, any handling noise will be eliminated with the included dual shock mount.

The equipped patented AKG laminated variation diaphragm also helps deliver even crispier sounds.

The D5 mic has excellent SPL so that it can capture low frequencies perfectly, another useful feature for beatboxers.

No matter if you place the mic close to your mouths or not, sound distortions won't appear.

With such noise reduction, it can still provide optimum gain and boost low frequencies quite nicely with its sensitive uni, super-cardioid polar pattern.

Although sometimes it’s a bit too sensitive and in returns might not produce the optimal beatboxing sounds you want.

AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone
  • Rugged construction
  • Handheld dynamic vocal microphone designed for lead and backing vocals

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  • Affordable price
  • Delivers crisp sounds
  • Rugged build
  • High noise reduction
  • Boosts low frequencies


  • Can sound muddy at times
  • Can be too sensitive

Avantone CV-12

Avantone CV-12 is one of the best microphones for recording vocals and subsequently beatboxing, and it comes from a relatively unknown brand.

However, this is not a slight on the equipment, but rather the opposite.

With CV-12 as their flagship condenser mic, Avantone stepped a bit further in establishing themselves as a go-to brand for microphones.

This is a tube microphone, which means it has vacuum tubes similar to that of tube microphones of the 50s and 60s, which is fanciful news to those looking for something to capture a smoother style beatboxing.

The mic’s capsule and body assembly are made of precision machined brass, with a fancy dark pink finish for extra durability.

Avantone CV-12 comes with a box that supplies power to the mic, which features an amazing nine polar patterns, including the usual four that consists of Omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid, and figure-8.

The other five are sitting somewhere between the main ways.

This is so that you have ultimate control over your vocal and can beatbox to your heart's content.

The only real complaint the microphone has is that it might lie slightly more on the heavy side, so storage or transportation might be more difficult to achieve than other microphones.

For fixed set-ups, Avantone CV-12 remains wonderful.

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  • 9 pickup patterns
  • Tube mic for smooth sounds
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Comes with power supply, shock mount, wooden case and a carry case
  • Highly durable


  • Heavy, not suitable for moving around

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone - Wide-range Frequency

Shure SM7B is a familiar name for many recording artists and, in this case, beatboxers.

Shure has produced some of our time's best microphones, but Shure SM7B stands above all as a newer and improved version of the mics that your favorite singers and vocalists used in the past.

Some might say that it is the best high-end microphone right now.

It is a dynamic microphone, which means it's excellent for recording vocals and can work well in a crowded environment.

It features a classic cardioid polar pattern, uniform with flat, wide-range frequency response for exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music and speech.

This microphone also offers internal "air suspension" shock isolation designed to eliminate virtually all mechanical transmission.

Additionally, Shure SM7B also has a built-in, highly effective pop filter to eliminate the need for any add-on, external protection against the explosive breath sound, great for those who beatbox closer to the mic.

Not only is it high quality, but the SM7B is also flexible with its bass roll-off, mid-range emphasis for quick tweaking, and flat, wide-range frequency allowing for greater control in almost any environment.

Because of this, the microphone is also a go-to choice for when you need to record vocals, not just beatboxing.

You should note that dynamic mics such as Shure SM7B can require a large amount of gain to record well and to its standard, so a separate preamp or the Cloudlifter might be needed.

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  • Very high audio quality
  • Fantastic shock isolation
  • Designed for vocals
  • Built-in premium features
  • Best for cutting out sound distortions
  • Provides a great control
  • Versatile


  • Needs external equipment to reach the required amount of gain
  • High price

Audio-Technica AT2005USB

Audio-Technica is one of the top brands for high-quality microphones, and the AT2005 mic from them is one such example.

Similar to the Shure SM7B, it is a dynamic mic that is excellent for vocals and beatboxing specifically.

A strong advantage of purchasing AT2005 is that it comes included with a bundle consisting of everything needed for easy set-up and usage.

It can be installed and used almost seamlessly.

This will be useful for beginners or those who need a complete set but are hesitant about spending.

AT2005 is a rugged handheld microphone that offers two types of outputs, USB output for digital recording and an XLR output to connect to your designated sound system for live performance.

So no matter the purpose of your beatboxing, AT2005 does the job.

Moreover, it's very easy to use since you can plug it into your computer's port.

Finally, it offers excellent fidelity and a headphone output with level control for monitoring.

Its cardioid polar pattern reduces pickups of unwanted sounds from the sides and the rear, giving utmost focus to your direct vocals.

A trouble that this mic tends to have is its relatively low or underpowered audio, which might become an issue on stage when you need your beatboxing heard by lots of people.

Overall, if what you need is a complete bundle to start things off, this is a good deal.

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  • Complete bundle for convenience
  • Rugged construction
  • Portable USB output
  • Excellent fidelity


  • Can be underpowered

Things To Consider When Buying A Good Beatboxing Microphone

As beatboxing is a unique practice itself, it also requires individual advice.

The way it works is that by using one's mouth to imitate percussive drums, beatboxers can create smooth and catchy music.

But since the primary and only instrument is the human voice, the style of beatboxing will vary and how it came out.

That's why a lot that goes into choosing a suitable microphone will depend on the performers and their preferences.

However, you should keep in mind that there are still quite a few things when shopping for a microphone that can fulfill your purposes.

microphone for beatboxing

Types of Microphones For Beatboxing

There are two main types of mics for beatboxing: Dynamic and condenser mics.

Dynamic mics are best microphone for live sessions, so if you frequently perform in front of a live audience, you might want to consider it - perfect for live!

Condenser mics are usually used for the studio and, in this case, studio vocals.

Dynamic ones can generally help you capture the powerful sounds of a live performance while condensers are more focused on details and variations.

Proximity Effect

The proximity effect refers to how the microphone will boost the frequencies you want for your sounds, low frequencies.

For beatboxers, the closer you are to the mic, the better the performance.

Dynamic mics can boost low frequency sounds quite well, but if you require condensers, it can be done with the help of a pop filter.

The beatboxers can also vary their distance from the mic to tweak the proximity effect.

FAQs Related To Beatbox Microphone

How do you hold a mic while beatboxing?

There are several ways to grip a mic while beatboxing, which includes: Standard, One-up, Two-hand cup, and cupping grip.

Depending on what you're most comfortable with and your hand’s dexterity, you can switch it up between or even during performances.

What Mics do beatboxers use?

Beatboxing is an art, and each artist will be different from how they use their tools of creation.

The five microphones we listed are usually the most common microphones that beatboxers use right now, but it can depend on many other factors.

Is beatboxing harmful?

A myth with beatboxing is that it can destroy your vocal cords.

But using your throat to create percussion sounds will do less damage than just singing.

So there isn't any risk. It's been speculated that beatboxing can help singers reduce some of the stress put on their vocal cords.


Beatboxing is an excellent and fun practice, but only if you can do it well.

For that, you need a good microphone, specifically designed for this purpose.

So, we've gathered five of the best microphone for beatboxing, which will help you tremendously in reaching your purchasing decision.

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