Best Lightweight Electric Guitars – The Gifts For All Travelling Singers!

This post was updated on: March 5th 2024

For most electric guitar lovers, you will find some of the top models on the market pretty bulky and heavy.

Consequently, it can be challenging to move it from place to place, especially on tours. Just imagine how exhausted it would be when you have to carry a 10 lbs guitar during the show.

Therefore, we give you a better set of options with some of the best lightweight electric guitars. Scroll down for further details!

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Top 5 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars Review


Weighing 8 pounds in total, the Ibanez JEMJRWH 6-String Electric Guitar is the first candidate among the best lightweight electric guitars. It offers an exceptional tone that any guitar fan would desire.

The quantum pickups offer you a completely original sound effect.

As articulate and hot are the most widely- chosen adjectives to describe the sound quality by the customers, the Ibanez JEMJRWH 6-String Electric Guitar gives you low-pitched tunes with tonal aggression.

It would be an ideal choice if you play hard rock or in a lead position which makes sure that every solid tone you play is well delivered to the audience.

The neck of this Ibanez version belongs to the fastest model until now. It allows you to have comfortable and thorough control over the guitar. The perfect fit handhold neck makes it easier to grab chords.

As a result, you can easily pull off fast runs and multi chords simultaneously to create unforgettable performances.

The high-quality double-locking bridge will keep the guitar stability comparably great after heavy pitch bends to continue the game.

However, the action strings are placed too high so that it can cause a little inconvenience for you.

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  • Lightweight
  • Quantum pickups
  • Fast neck


  • High action strings

The Ibanez JEMJRWH is ideal for guitar players who want to further their practice a little bit. The flawless and powerful tones will add a new interesting vibe to your music experience.

Squier by Fender Vintage Electric Guitar Deluxe

Some electric guitarists have known of love at first sight just by seeing the Squier by Fender Vintage Electric Guitar Deluxe hanging on the decoration wall from the store.

The sleek modern construction with a classic vibe makes it irresistible to any guitar hunters.

The quick, advanced single-coil pickup, the maple-colored glossy neck and blackish inlays knobs create a chic, modern at the same time remain a vintage style.

It generates qualified performance thanks to the combination between the pickup and humbuckers. The strings are placed together, creating harmonious resonance to make soft and flawless sounds.

Moreover, the neck pocket and controlling routes are sharp and precise. The sound quality is enough for you to begin the first step in your practice.

Another noticeable feature is that the material to produce this electric guitar is basswood, which is the best lightweight wood type.

For that reason, you can comfortably move it from place to place, tours to tours without experiencing any exhaustion.

However, the Squier guitar has less wire to connect the pups, which leads to a decrease in power level.

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  • Sleek design
  • Decent performance
  • Made of basswood


  • Less wire in connecting the pups

This electric guitar would be perfect for those who want to start taking electric guitar lessons. The special outer look with qualified performance would definitely score you.

Epiphone Les Paul Special II

The Gibson Les Paul is one of the most prestigious brands that create electric guitars. This version of Les Paul II is among the top reasonably-priced you can purchase from this brand.

Still, you are provided with the best features from the top lines.

The Epiphone designed humbuckers and 650R neck in combination would offer you a fundamental and smooth experience, although the built-in seems to be a little basic.

It generates a warm and tonal sound which is quite suitable for blues and classic rock.

While it fits most beginners' taste, it probably needs a tiny push to meet all experienced players' expectations. However, the sound quality is still acceptable in general.

The guitar also comes with a great amp so that you can have a warm and clean tone while practicing.

However, Okoume is the main material to build the guitar, which is quite cheap when compared to other friends from Gibson.

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  • Reasonably priced
  • Qualified performance
  • Great sound quality


  • Cheap type of wood

The Les Paul Special II is worth considering if you are living on a tight budget and set aside some money for the next investments. With a reasonable price and high quality, it deserves to be on the top list.


When it comes to material, the Ibanez GRX70QATBB is definitely a top runner on the list. The body is made from mahogany while the fretboard is sophisticatedly produced by rosewood.

As mahogany and rosewood are top nominations for high-quality materials, it can bring you the best music experience you have ever dreamt of.

The solid and compact design would give you huge control over the guitar to generate the best chords. No matter if you play on the lead lines or a sidekick, the audience will remember you with a distinctive style.

Another incredible feature is the low profile bridge which brings significant comfort for the players. Plus, you can change it according to your preferences.

However, the strings are pretty tight, so you might need to readjust a little bit.

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  • Best material
  • Great control
  • Low profile bridge


  • Tight strings

The Ibanez GRX70QATBB would fit professionals like a charm. With the best materials and powerful tones, it could be your top favorites for a long time on tour.

Ibanez GRGA120BKN

Another candidate from the Ibanez house in a full black model would be a new way to light up your collection. This black model is worth the money for all the outstanding features from material to performance.

The all-black Ibanez GRGA120BKN bears much resemblance to its blue model. The maple neck with carefully processed pine fretboard makes it a guitar with one of the best materials in the country.

The sound quality is also warm and strong enough to leave great memories for your audience.

Its high playability makes it suitable for both beginners and skilled players in the industry. So you don't have to worry that it is too hard to play or, the other way around, too simple to carry out a complicated showdown.

Finally, just like the blue model, you might need to take a little adjustment as the strings are a bit tight.

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  • Reasonable price
  • Decent sound quality
  • Fit for all players


  • Tight strings

You can consider the Ibanez GRGA120BKN at whichever lever you are with the best price offer. It could either be a beauty in the collection as well as helpful assistance on tour.

Buying Guide When Choosing a Lightweight Electric Guitar

If you are an electric guitar admirer who has already considered lightweight as one of the must-have features in your purchase, you would need to prepare some knowledge to make the wisest decision.

So in what way will the best lightweight electric guitar make your purchase worth every penny?

The first thing that would spark your interest is the outer look. An electric guitar can never look uncool.

It is a critical factor, especially for professionals. Some guitars are also used as an item in the most valuable collection to add some aesthetic vibe.

Lightweight Electric Guitar

A lightweight electric guitar also supports considerably while playing as you can hold it comfortably and adjust it easily according to your preferences.

The guitar neck also should not be too chunky so that you can carry out wonderful chords.

The durability is also worth considering because you can not go for some guitars that only last for a short amount of time. It should last for years, and become the best company you can ever expect.

Freebies are another interesting factor too as you can receive support such as a strap, stand, etc. 

Most importantly, the best lightweight electric guitar depends mainly on its build-ups, so let's get through some factors you should look through when buying.


When choosing a new electric guitar, pickup is among the essential features that you should carefully examine before buying. Commonly, the pickup comes in a single-coil model in electric guitars.

It is a sole magnet with wire wrapping around to receive and process vibrations from the strings. After that, it will transform the guitar waves into electric signals.

This way of processing gives the guitar a more sturdy sound and stronger impression.

Therefore, it is safe to say that pickup is the thing that makes your electric guitar distinctive. However, it can be prone to interference and create humming sounds.


Besides the single-coil pickup, we also have humbuckers which are in two single-coil construction. They are connected through polarities and placed in opposite directions.

Its responsibility is to prevent the humming sounds that the pickup could generate, which makes it a suitable choice for jazz and rock.

Guitar Neck 

The guitar length can have an impact on the way your instrument would sound as it affects your control over the guitar.

Its main material is usually wood, and it connected to the headstock which fixed the tunes and fretboard positions.

Scale Length

Electric guitar sound can vary depending on the scale length.

While a long scale can create a bright shimmer and tight tension, a shorter model bears less tension for the strings can be more flexible. As a result, short scales generate warmer tones and improve playability.

Wood Type

The wood material affects not only the weight of the guitar but also the sound effect.

It plays a pivotal role in varying the sound vibrations as the strings create resonance when combined with the wood. For that reason, you should consider this factor thoroughly when choosing a guitar.


What Is The Lightest Guitar Wood?

Basswood is the lightest tonewood which is comparatively soft. This feature will offer you huge advantages and convenience when you are connected with trips and tours.

It is also abundant, which makes it quite reasonably priced. Most standard guitars on the market are made out of this material.

However, it should not work as a laminate material or construction for necks and fretboards. For that reason, don't make mistakes when the salesman talks you into buying it.

Are Lighter Guitars Better?

Most music lovers usually concern whether the weight of an electric guitar could affect its performance. But weight is not the key factor in generating electric guitar sound quality.

Therefore, a light electric guitar does not always perform better than a heavy one as well as a heavy electric guitar is not as qualified as a more lightweight model.

The guitar sounds better when the construction is designed for optimal results, and the material is in harmonious combination.

How Much Does An Average Electric Guitar Weigh?

The weight of an electric guitar depends largely on the material, shape and size. But among those factors, the material is the one factor that can have a huge impact on weight variability.

Normally, a traditional guitar model would weigh around 8 lbs which is equivalent to 3,6 kg. Depending on the material, shape and size, a guitar weight can vary from 6 to 10 lbs which is from 2,7 to 4,5 kg.

The top lightest products usually weigh from 6 to 8 lbs max to make sure that you can easily carry around. 


The best lightweight electric guitar with outstanding performance would upgrade your experience considerably. It creates exceptional tunes, at the same time, light enough for you to keep it by your side without any exhaustion.

Hope our buying guides and some of the top product recommendations would help you to pick your ultimate favorites. Good luck!

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