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Hi, thanks for visiting our blog. My name's Samuel T.Cummins. I love music so much and I've been playing guitar for 7 years. Blogging is my hobby and I'm happy so much to share my knowledge with everyone.

Ibanez TS9 vs TS808: The Best Among The Best !!

Are you having a problem in choosing between choosing Ibanez TS9 vs TS808? Well, I do understand why you are torn between the two! It can get you that warm and vibrant sound of an overdriven speaker stack. But did you know? Before the invention of guitar effect pedals, our superhero rock stars didn’t have fancy […]

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Micro POG vs Nano POG: The Perfect Octaver of the Millenia!

Are you confused about Micro POG vs Nano POG? Well, POG stands for polyphonic octave generator. These are pretty advanced octave generators that let you choose if you want your signal one octave up or one octave down. How did we end up liking octave effects? It is probably Jimi Hendrix who popularized the tone of […]

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Boss TU2 vs TU3: Which is Better for You?

When we talk about the tuners, Boss TU2 vs TU3 have mostly been on top in the competition. The Boss Tuner range has set impeccable standards by providing quality features and best outputs to their users. For this article, we will be looking at Boss TU2 vs TU3 and dig which is better for you!Boss […]

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Boss DD3 Vs DD7: Which One Is Best For You?

Delay is an essential part of every guitarist’s rig. We can’t live without it! A chorus, delay, and a variation of distortion is a simple set-up that will make great music! Over the years, Boss Corporation has fully understood the importance of delay and capitalized on it! Today, among the digital delays Boss has made, […]

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Best Distortion/Overdrive Pedals For Tube Amp!

Before the birth of modern music, instruments were played in its raw and clean nature, and it sounded great. As the years go by, people became bored and wanted something loud. They decided to crank up the volume of their amplifiers and to their shock, it was a warm and dirty distorted sound. Everyone was […]

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