Alctron PF8 Pro Review – A Worth Consideration Mic Filter

Since it's pretty annoying to have noise problems when recording, the manufacturer, Alctron, has come up with the Alctron Pf8 Pro with the promise of giving customers the best sound quality like in a studio.

If you are curious about the advanced features and even the drawbacks of this product, carry on reading our Alctron PF8 Pro review to find out.

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Alctron PF8 Pro Review

Echo Reduction

The PF8 Pro does a great job in its principal function, which is the echo reduction. 

With a windscreen shell made of aluminum mesh and a big thick foam inside, it can cover the whole microphone from every angle.

That will help a lot to isolate your microphone and turn it into a quiet space while recording.

When you use the PF8 Pro to cover the mic, it will assist in avoiding the sound at the back bouncing against the wall.

Moreover, this product can also reduce much of the external environment from the sides or above and below. If you have any extra cover at the back, you will be amazed by its ability to reduce echo.

Compared to buying the acoustic foams to cover up the entire walls, the PF8 Pro would save you much money.

Set-up ability

After putting this PF8 in the test, we can guarantee it is an effortless set-up device. All you have to do is grab your microphone and put it over. It would take you less than a minute to finish the process.

Compared with others like arranging the vocal booth or mounting acoustic panels, this product would be a straightforward resolution.

The PF8 also doesn't need a shock-mount while preparing, so we can tell this is the positive side for this device.

Additionally, due to the flexible and snug foam inside, this product can beautifully hold most microphones even if they are extremely thin or notably thick.

Pop Filter

Another plus point for this PF8 Pro is it comes with a pop filter. If you haven't had a pop filter, this is a chance for you.

This pop filter is easy to disassemble for you to change over whenever you want. If you have already owned a filter, you can freely replace your favored one to that spot due to the PF8 Pro's detachable characteristic.

Reduces Noise Levels

Slightly different from the echo reduction capability, this product's noise reduction ability is only okay level but distant from the desirable.

You can still notice some marginal change from your voice on the mic than the typical noise floor. If you use this to deal with more hassler environment noise, it won't show much help.

The result of our test has shown that it can reduce some wind noise or unwanted sound coming from somewhere, but to use it outdoors, it is not the most suitable choice.

Spit Protection

Since it has a thick foam up to 10mm, the PF8 Pro can do a great job protecting your expensive micro from splitting. The foam will cover up the entire mic and hold it firmly no matter what.

Dust Protection

From time after time, your microphone will probably get dusty no matter how good you take care of it. The dust can cause critical damage to your sound quality, which we bet you wouldn't want to.

Coming with some protection may assist in reducing the amount of dust leaking into your expensive treasure. And the PF8 Pro can up to the task with its foam.

The foam also helps prevent some ribbon microphones or sensitive condensers from harmful things such as temperature or mutations.

It will assist in keeping a comparable heat throughout time and avoid severe changes.

Alctron PF8Pro Review

Drop Protection

Dropping your microphone is something you will want to avoid since it can seriously damage your precious mic. Therefore, the PF8 is a possible solution for that issue.

With the soft but thick foam cover-up all the microphones, this product will surely protect your precious from being badly hurt.

We will put it to your recommendation if you're using a plasticky mic stand or a flimsy swivel arm.

Sound Maintenance

As it only focuses on your voice in a unique microphone, the PF8 Pro can capture all the speech and sound while recording.

And that will result in pure and concise vocals clear from any coloration. Additionally, it still helps lessen the change in sound due to its focused capability.

We would say it can do a good job in reducing the external impacts, yet it's not the best solution of all time.


  • Notable echo reduction ability
  • Effortless set-up process
  • Best bang for your paying
  • Suitable for a blue spark blackout SL mic
  • Pop filter included
  • Fits most microphones
  • Spit protection
  • Dust protection
  • Drop protection


  • Obstructing vision in reading text for its massive size
  • A Bad capability of Noise reduction
  • Weak Ability in sound maintenance

UPDATE: This model may be currently out of stock. You can refer to this newer product.

AURAY ISO-Armor-2 Microphone Isolation Chamber
  • Reduces Ambient Noise & Room Reflections | Yields a More Dry, Direct Sound | Use Without Acoustic Treatment | Fits Microphone Diameters up to 2.3"
  • High-Density, Open-Cell Acoustic Foam | Perforated Aluminum Shell | Built-In Nylon Pop Filter Screen| Integrated Suspension Mount | Lightweight and Compact

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After buying and trying, we have come up with the result that it is worth purchasing this product. The PF8 is the best bang for the buck since it's more affordable than the Kaotica eyeball.

According to most opinions, its metal look is one of the attractive features for the PF8 Pro, plus it also gives a solid but lightweight feeling while holding.

However, you can still pick up some background noise when listening to the unedited record is its biggest drawback.

What a pity!

In Short

I hope you find this Alctron PF8 Pro review helpful to you when deciding whether you should buy this product or not. Just a reminder, this review is only based on our experience with the product.

So if it's possible, you can go to the store and have an actual test of your own to find out. Good luck with that. Thank you for reading.

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